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Re: Theos-World Masters' Appearance (AnandGholap.Net-Online Theosophy)

Apr 01, 2006 03:20 AM
by M. Sufilight

My views are:

It is certainly a beautiful picture Leadbeater paints of the Masters.
But reading the following version about how a master performs activities aught be understood.


Sorry Anand if I sound to blunt. But the Truth about this quote you emailed should not be hidden.
Leadbeater would have done much better if he had listened to Blavatsky's article and words in the below, and stopped adding way too much value to the importance of the false Bible and a false doctrine about the Masters and their activities. The article in the link in the above should tell any theosophical beginner seeker that.

I do not like it, when "Jesuits" hides the truth from the Seekers after Truth.
Please listen to what Blavatsky's says:
"I have done; adding but one more word of advice to the Review. In the last quarter of the nineteenth century, when the latest international revision of the Bible—that infallible and revealed Word of God!—reveals 64,000 mistranslations and other mistakes, it is not the Theosophists—a large number of whose members are English patriots and men of learning—but rather the Christians who ought to beware of "wanton aggressiveness" against people of other creeds. Their boomerangs may fly back from some unexpected parabola and hit the throwers." (1879)

And what do we have today. How are certain so-called Christians performing their religion today.
The "Christian" crusades are still in action. Now it is the politicians, which misuses the Bible and the Vatican keeps their mouth shut way too much, while the crusades are in fullblown action and are being propagandized; (especially from the US Congress). And the beginner Theosophists in the west, are being sponfeed with Leadbeaters - Liberal Catholic Church (LCC), which they only understand on a superficial or fanatical emotional level. I hold it to be true, that the beginner Seekers should not be treated like this.
TS Adyar aught to immeadiately siver having any "special" ties with The liberal Catholic Church as long as it serves the purpose of the Jesusits, - either the political Jesusits (especially those in the US Congress) or those Jesuits with strong influence in the Vatican. To me Jesuits are those who are not honest but devious, they infiltrate other groups with a militant Christian agenda and often non-compassionate motives. They stop at nothing but to promote the Christian Bible in a fanatical manner, using voilence in a concealed manner and even black magic. They seek to create emotional cults (for instance like LCC?) rather than people, who think for themselves and become wise, and who knows about the many faults of the Christian Bible and its dogmas. And at the same time the very dangerous Jesuits existence er totally omitted being talked about - even if Blavatsky emphasized this so very much. Just look in the below. TS Adyar will certainly be hit (or are being hit) by the boomerang mentioned by Blavatsky in the above.

Here we have Blavatsky's article THEOSOPHY OR JESUITISM?, written june 1888.

"Therefore, the present opportunity is taken to state, once for all, the
views which Theosophists and Occultists entertain with regard to the Society
of Jesus. At the same time, all those who are pursuing in life's great
wilderness of vain evanescent pleasures and empty conventionalities an ideal
worth living for, are offered the choice between the two now once more
rising powers--the Alpha and the Omega at the two opposite ends of the realm
of giddy, idle existence--THEOSOPHY and JESUITISM.
For, in the field of religious and intellectual pursuits, these two are the
only luminaries--a good and an evil star, truly--glimmering once more from
behind the mists of the Past, and ascending on the horizon of mental
activities. They are the only two powers capable in the present day of
extricating one thirsty for intellectual life from the clammy slush of the
stagnant pool known as Modern Society, so crystallized in its cant, so
dreary and monotonous in its squirrel-like motion around the wheel of
fashion. Theosophy and Jesuitism are the two opposite poles, one far above,
the other far below even that stagnant marsh. Both offer power--one to the
spiritual, the other to the psychic and intellectual Ego in man. The former
is "the wisdom that is from above . . . pure, peaceable, gentle . . . full
of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy," while
the latter is "the wisdom that descendeth not from above, but is earthly,
sensual, DEVILISH."3 One is the power of Light, the other that of Darkness.
. . ."

This is true also today. There is a difference though. From the The Society
of Jesus has been created groups with other names than their own, so the
more easily can hide their activities to anyone they want to hide them
from. - I know the late Pope Paul John II threw a few good words. But, now
his very near friend from the "Inquisition" is ruling as a Pope.
It seems quite obvious, that the "Jesuits" have branches outside the
Catholic groups, and that they are heavily involved with politics and
militant activity, even if they say differently.
that today, because some of their
scriptures are today officially available.)

Sorry if I am boring you.
But, this email are touching upon important issues of today - and not of the past,
Issues aught to be dealt with by TS Adyar in a totally different manner. And this certainly ALSO true to the many of the other groups who call themselves theosophical and pride themeselves of having a wise present day activity going with their publications on what is going on today with the very dangerous Jesuits.
Contionous promotions of Leadbeaters half-theosophical doctrines will not help many. But some of what he wrote are allright, and aught to be valued.
I am so sorry Anand, but I did not agree with the quote by Leadbeater. Not this time.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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" THERE has been among Theosophical students a great deal of vagueness and uncertainty about the Masters, so perhaps it may help us to realize how natural Their lives are, and how there is an ordinary physical side to them, if I say a few words about the daily life and appearance of some of Them. There is no one physical characteristic by which an Adept can be infallibly distinguished from other men, but He always appears impressive, noble, dignified, holy and serene, and anyone meeting Him could hardly fail to recognize that he was in the presence of a remarkable man. He is the strong but silent man, speaking only when He has a definite object in view, to encourage, to help or to warn, yet He is wonderfully benevolent and full of a keen sense of humour-- humour always of a kindly order, used never to wound, but always to lighten the troubles of life. The Master Morya once said that it is impossible to make progress on the occult Path without a sense of humour, and certainly all the Adepts whom I have seen have possessed that qualification.

48. Most of Them are distinctly fine-looking men; Their physical bodies are practically perfect, for They live in complete obedience to the laws of health, and above all They never worry about anything. All Their evil karma has long been exhausted, and thus the physical body is as perfect an expression of the Augoeides or glorified body of the ego as the limitations of the physical plane will allow, so that not only is the present body of an Adept usually splendidly handsome, but also new body that He may take in a subsequent incarnation is likely to be an almost exact reproduction of the old one, allowing for racial and family differences, because there is nothing to modify it. This freedom from karma gives Them, when for any reason They choose to take new bodies, entire liberty to select a birth in any country or race that may be convenient for the work that They have to do, and thus the nationality of the particular bodies which They happen to be wearing at any given time is not of primary importance. "

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