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Re: Theos-World occultism and irresponsibility

Mar 31, 2006 12:03 PM
by robert_b_macd

--- In, Drpsionic@... wrote:

> The occult boom as we know it hit a little over 40 years ago and since
> time millions upon millions of people have been involved with various
> techniques  and methods and the numbers of people who have reported
any problem with
> are so  small as to be statistically non-existent.

I am not sure how one would verify that statement.   Would people know
to associate a
particular practice with a later disease or moral vulnerability?  Most
of us can't count the
number of succubi dancing on a person's shoulder.  Your statement might
be true, there are
few reported problems, but it might also be meaningless.

>They make the news because
> of  clowns like Jeff Rense (I did his show once and it was a disaster)
but in
> the  great scheme of things they really don't count for very much.

Rense is in a particular business, perhaps you weren't selling the right
Regardless, the moral level of our society is a synthesis of the
morality of all of its
individuals - in our own little scheme of things, the influences that
people are subject to
might matter.

> As far as the Ouija Board is concerned, that thing is at least a
century  old
> now and the world has not come to an end yet, the Gates of Hell have
> opened, and to the best of knowledge there are no demons in my

I thought I saw three demons in my back yard the other night dancing
naked in the
moonlight.  I was afraid that the nuns next door had gotten a Special
Edition Ouija Board: Are
you saying that I might be wrong?

> Time has certainly proven that the DIRE WARNINGS that we find in our 
> Theosophical literature were nothing more than paranoid delusion (and
in  the
> case of the Masters probably outright lies) and unworthy to be  taken
> seriously, which is why no one outside the Theosophical Society  does.

A curious statement.  What kind of Masters deal in outright lies, and
what are these


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