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Re: Theos-World Peace Now and in a Few Centuries

Mar 31, 2006 10:12 AM
by Drpsionic

Yet in  the heart of the theosophical movement (which is NOT a corporation) 
there  is peace even now.  As in the heart of each one of us. (Remember the  
Doctrine of the Heart.)

I'm a Doctrine of the Eye man myself.  But if you want to look for a  sign of 
peace, I suggest that you not look so much at the Theosophical Society  but 
rather at a neighborhood in Chicago on Devon Ave. east of Lincoln.  It  is 
inhabited by Orthodox Jews, Wahabist Muslim Pakistanis, Indians, and a  smattering 
of others.  It has the only kosher donut shop in Chicago and  they all eat 
there because they can get donuts that are not made with  lard.
And they all live together in perfect harmony--people who in their native  
environment would cheerfully cut each other's throats.
So yes, I have seen the nucleus of the universal brotherhood of  humanity.  
We drive a friend home there regularly on the weekends.
Chuck the Heretic

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