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RE: [bn-study] Re: Lord Maitreya???

Mar 30, 2006 04:32 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

                                    UNIVERSAL MIND AND INITIATION
"The action of the entire universe is but a detailed manifestation and example of the action of mind on matter, governed at the highest point by the action of the universal Mind.  Between the finite human mind of the ordinary uninitiated individual and this universal mind lie an infinite number of gradually ascending degrees, and the higher the plane of consciousness the nearer is the approach to the universal mind which is, as it were, the main-spring of the whole.  Although there are no hard and fast lines in nature yet these various grades may be marked off into great main divisions;  and it is the successive attainment of these, one after the other that is represented by the degrees of initiation.  When one plane of existence has been exhausted, there is needed, as it were, a fresh impulse to enable us to go on higher and this it is that is supplied at the time of initiation."            "Alpha" THEOSOPHIST,  June 1886  -  
	[ ULT- T A & N p. 61 ]
[ COMMENT:  Krishna is the ancient name given to that living and undying Spirit (enveloped by matter) which supports and guides evolution, which preserves the creative life-giving force that unites all beings.  "He" lives in the hearts of all, and therefore is closest to the true center of every man.  He resides in our own heart.  He is not "outside," nor is He a remote "Deity," that is abstract and to be worshiped in some man-made temple.  He is our very own Higher Self, the "Secret Self," which is for the Universe its universal SELF, as it is more intimately, "the Self of all creatures."  
                                   GAYATRI       --     GOLDEN  VASE 
The Sun of our system, whose glory it is impossible to "see," represents Krishna.  It is hidden by a "vase of golden light".  Curiously, the meaning of the Sanskrit name "Krishna" is: the "dark one," or, occultly: "he who stands as interpreter of the brilliance of the 'Central Spiritual SUN,' shielding 'creatures in their infancy' from its destructive light, while preserving the living field in which all beings may evolve."  He is Pushan, who is holder of the "vase of golden light" which shields earthly man, us from the "Sun" of the ONE SPIRIT until such time as we learn to become one with Him and able to remove the "vase" without destroying ourselves (for in that process we will have created an indestructible form for our use).  This is one of the interpretations of the Gayatri verse, used every morning by the Brahmins to recall to memory the source and purpose of life.
Krishna and Vishnu (the force of preservation, of continuity--of reincarnation and karma) are one, and in turn, Vishnu is an aspect of the triple World of Energy called symbolically:  Brahma-Vishnu-Siva, or the conjoined and eternal powers of creation, preservation and regeneration, [after a grand cycle of general dispersal (destruction) not annihilation, it is the Eternal "Vishnu" who places the seed for the fresh evolutionary "day," called "creation," in the womb of  Brahma ].  
When the cycle of living closes, he, as Siva dances into pralaya or "rest" the energies and forces of all the beings involved in evolution (symbolized by the "cremation ground") so that they may reappear when the Maha-Yogi (great Initiator) regenerates them, dancing them back into the new "day" for their resumption of karmic evolution; and a fresh Manvantara begins.  So we have an example of the depiction of rhythm, of time cycles and of on-going purposiveness in living for all beings without any exceptions.
This is one of the explanations which the Tantras are seen to offer, in their purest condition.  But they have been degraded and materialized by the ignorant who made themselves devotees of only the destructive, or rather the dispersive forces operating in Nature.  They fear this force, and seek to propitiate it by making themselves, they fancy, into its physical agents -- a terrible error, as It does not need anyone to carry on its appointed work.  But the priests, who feed on the ignorance of the masses, teach inverted truths. - Ed.
"We are held and described by some persons as no better than refined or "cultured tantrikas?"  Well, we ought to feel gratified for the prefixed adjective, since it would have been as easy for our would-be biographers to call us unrefined tantrikas.  Moreover, the easy way with which you notify us of the comparison made, makes me confident of the fact that you know little if anything about the professors of that sect;  otherwise you would have hardly, as a gentleman, given room to such a simile in your letters.  One more word will suffice.  The "tantrikas"--at least the modern sect, for over 400 years--observe rites and ceremonies, the fitting description of which will never be attempted by the pen of one of our Brotherhood."
     	Letters From The Masters of Wisdom, 1st Series,  p. 80
[HPB explains the secret Kabalistic teachings concerning the expiations and final sacrifice of the Initiator when the last initiation of the candidate occurs.  "Decapitation," 3 streams of blood: to "personality that is," to "Heaven" from which SPIRIT, and to Earth or Matter -- to purify it with the sacred blood of self-sacrifice.
How the Tantrikas of the Chhinamasta sect have materialized this and made a degraded rite of the symbolic sacrifice -- "a profound occult truth which is known only to the initiated."          THEOSOPHIST, Vol 4, p. 38fn.]
[ "T.S." contributes an article on the Tantras.  An editorial (HPB ?) footnote reads: "For reasons of their own...the Brahmos...regard all the Tantras as the most abominable works on sorcery that inculcate immorality.  Some of the Tantric works and commentaries are certainly prohibited on account of their dealing with necromancy (modern Spiritualism).  But the meaning in the real old Tantras remaining a dead letter to the uninitiated Hindus, very few can appreciate their worth.  Some of the "White" Tantras, especially the one treated upon in the present article, contain extremely important information for the Occultist.--Ed. ]
"There are 3 kinds of Tantras (see above). Ordinarily a Tantrica means a Sakta...
The "Maha Nirvana Tantra" is the earliest...most important of all.  
All Tantric works are supposed to be the record of conversations held between Shiva and his consort Parvati.  The word "Shiva" literally signifies "Peace," and Parvati..."Yoga"."  
[ In the Tantras, 
Parabrahm always is spoken of as the indescribable Absolute One;  while Mahadeva (Shiva) and Parvati (Sakti) represent the "travelers" bound for that goal;  Shiva being the Purusha (Spirit and Man-male) and Parvati being the Prakriti (Woman-female or Universal Nature).  
Yoga-Maya, is the illusion, that which connects Spirit with matter.  
The rest of the article describes the condition of polarity (male-female) in a uniform field where individual evolutionary progress depends on self-effort, cooperation, tolerance and compassion.]  
"The Tantric works addition...with what is called "Mantra Yoga." [ Divided into 6 branches.] ...With the exception of the last, the first 5 are what is known as black magic, and...are prohibited [by Manu]...being classed with "capital sins." [ Follows a description of the several degrees of devotees and their austerities, studies and permitted food and drink -- no alcohol or spirits. ]
            THEOSOPHIST Vol. 4, p. 226
[Description of the Siddha Tantras is given here.  Intellect and will powers considered active in the 14 Lokas of existence in the Universe.  Power of imagination considered.]
            THEOSOPHIST SUPPLEMENT, Oct. 1883, p. 14.
[Description of the Tibetan Tantras -- called "Buddhist" -- Rise of the Dugpa sect in Sikkhim and Bhutan, even their original texts, rites and works have further degenerated.  The purest approach to Vedanta.  Still further degradation by ritualism and selfish goals has attracted the sellers of spirits, etc... Altogether objectionable and abominable.]    "T.S."  THEOSOPHIST Vol. 5, p. 96-7.
  [ END  of quotes from THEOSOPHIST. ]
			I N I T I A T I O N
"To crucify before (not against) the sun" is a phrase used of initiation.  It comes from Egypt, and primarily from India.  The enigma can be unriddled only by searching for its key in the Mysteries of Initiation.  

The initiated adept, who had successfully passed through all the trials, was attached. not nailed, but simply tied on a couch in the form of a tau  T (in Egypt) of a Svastika without the four additional prolongations (thus: [a cross], not [svastika shape] plunged in a deep sleep (the "Sleep of Siloam" it is called to this day among the initiates in Asia Minor, in Syria and even higher Egypt).  

He was allowed to remain in this state for three days and three nights, during which time his Spiritual Ego was said to confabulate with the "gods," descend into Hades, Amenti or Patala (according to the country), and do works of charity to the invisible beings, whether souls of men or Elemental Spirits;  his body remaining all the time in a temple crypt or subterranean cave.  

In Egypt it was placed in the Sarcophagus in the King's Chamber of the Pyramid of Cheops and carried during the night of the approaching third day to the entrance of the gallery. where at a certain hour the beams of the rising Sun struck full on the face of the entranced candidate, who awoke to be initiated by Osiris, and Thoth the God of Wisdom...[see the bas-reliefs...especially from the temple of Philoe, represents a scene of initiation.]                     SD II 558-9
"The ancient MSS. mention these "hard couches of those who were in (spiritual) travail, the act of giving birth to themselves."...remember the allegory of Visvakarma, the creative power, the great architect of the world, called in the Veda "the all-seeing god," who "sacrifices himself to himself" (the Spiritual Egos of mortals are his own essence, one with him, therefore).  Remember that he is called Deva Vardhika "the builder of the gods" and that it is he who ties (the Sun) Surya, his son-in-law, on his lathe, in the exoteric allegory;  on the Swastika, in esoteric tradition, as on earth he is the Hierophant Initiator, and cuts away a portion of his brightness.  Visvakarma, remember again, is the Son of Yoga-Siddha, i.e., the holy power of Yoga, and the fabricator of the "fiery weapon," the magic Agneyastra..."                      SD II 559  
            [ see also:  THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY p. 366, 348,
Best wishes, 
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From: Roberto N. Lupercio [] 
Sent: Monday, March 27, 2006 4:13 PM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: Lord Maitreya???
Thank you Dallas, for helping me to pay more attention when I share these writings.
Here is more on this subject, and the vol. #.
For on these three chief degrees are based the seven and twelve degrees of the Hierarchy of Adeptship. The first are those who have attained the Bodhi (wisdom) of the Buddhas, but do not become Teachers. The human Bodhisattvas are candidates, so to say, for perfect Buddhaship (in Kalpas to come), and with the option of using their powers now if need be. “Perfect” Buddhas are simply “perfect” Initiates. All these are men, and not disembodied Beings, as is given out in the Hīnayāna exoteric books. Their correct character may be found only in the secret volumes of Lugrub or Nāgārjuna, the founder of the Mahāyāna system, who is said to have been initiated by the Nāgas (fabulous “Serpents,” the veiled name for an Initiate or Mahatma). The fabled report found in Chinese records that Nāgārjuna considered his doctrine to be in opposition to that of Gautama Buddha, until he discovered from the Nāgas that it was precisely the doctrine that had been secretly taught by Sākyamuni Himself, is an allegory, and is based upon the reconciliation between the old Brāhmanical secret Schools in the Himālayas and Gautama’s Esoteric teachings, both parties having at first objected to the rival schools of the other. The former, the parent of all others, had been established beyond the Himālayas for ages before the appearance of Sākyamuni. Gautama was a pupil of this; and it was with them, those Indian Sages, that He had learned the truths of the Sunyata, the emptiness and impermanence of every terrestrial, evanescent thing, and the mysteries of Prajña-Pāramitā, or “knowledge across the River,” which finally lands the “Perfect One” in the regions of the One Reality. But His Arhats were not Himself. Some of them were ambitious, and they modified certain teachings after the great councils, and it is on account of these “heretics” that the Mother-School at first refused to allow them to blend their schools, when persecution began driving away the Esoteric Brotherhood from India. But when finally most of them submitted to the guidance and control of the chief Āsramas, then the Yogacharyā of Āryāsanga was merged into the oldest Lodge. For it is there from time immemorial that has lain concealed the final hope and light of the world, the salvation of mankind. Many are the names of that School and land, the name of the latter being now regarded by the Orientalists as the mythic name of a fabulous country. It is from this mysterious land nevertheless, that the Hindu expects his Kalki-Avatāra, the Buddhist his Maitreya, the Pārsī his Saoshyant and the Jew his Messiah, and so would the Christian expect thence his Christ— if he only knew of it.
BLAVATSKY: Collected Writings VOLUME XIV p. 436

"In storm and shine, in heat and could, near or afar, among friends and foes, the same in One Work." (W. Q. J.)
Best Regards
Roberto L.

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From: "W.Dallas TenBroeck" 
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Subject: [bn-study] Re: Lord Maitreya??? 
Thanks Roberto  valuable quotes
            But please help some more:
QUESTION     What Vol?    [ Vol.  ? ] p. 436
“Many are the names of that School and land, the name of the latter being now regarded by the Orientalists as the mythic name of a fabulous country. It is from this mysterious land nevertheless, that the Hindu expects his Kalki-Avatâra, the Buddhist his Maitreya, the Pârsî his Saoshyant and the Jew his Messiah, and so would the Christian expect thence his Christ— if he only knew of it.”
            BLAVATSKY: COLLECTED WRITINGS,  [ Vol.  ? ] p. 436
2          Where is it in our volumes of HPB articles ?  
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From: Roberto N. Lupercio [] 
Sent: Saturday, March 25, 2006 10:09 AM
Subject: [bn-study] Re: Lord Maitreya???
This will help not to anthropomorphize Names and Terms.
…MAITREYA is the secret name of the Fifth Buddha, and the Kalki Avatar of the Brahmins—the last MESSIAH who will come at the culmination of the Great Cycle.  It is also the initial letter of the Greek Metis or Divine Wisdom; of Mimra, the “word” or Logos; and of Mithras (the Mihr), the Monad, Mystery.  All these are born in, and from, the great Deep, and are the Sons of Maya—the Mother; in Egypt, Mouth, in Greece Minerva (divine wisdom), Mary, or Miriam, Myrrha, etc.; of the Mother of the Christian Logos, and of Maya, the mother of Buddha.  Madhava and Madhavi are the titles of the most important gods and goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon.  Finally, Mandala is in Sanskrit “a circle,” or an orb (the ten divisions of the Rig Veda).  The most sacred names in India begin with this letter generally—from Mahat, the first manifested intellect, and Mandara, the great mountain used by the gods to churn the Ocean, down to Mandakin, the heavenly Ganga (Ganges), Manu, etc., etc.
Kalki Avatar (Sk.). The “White Horse Avatar”, which will be the last manvantaric incarnation of Vishnu, according to the Brahmins; of Maitreya Buddha, agreeably to Northern Buddhists; of Sosiosh, the last Hero and Saviour of the Zoroastrians, as claimed by Parsis; and of the “Faithful and True” on the white Horse (Rev. xix., 2). In his future epiphany or tenth avatar, the heavens will open and Vishnu will appear “seated on a milk-white steed, with a drawn sword blazing like a comet, for the final destruction of the wicked, the renovation of ‘creation’ anal the ‘restoration of purity’”. (Compare Revelation.) This will take place at the end of the Kaliyuga 427,000 years hence. The latter end of every Yuga is called “the destruction of the world”, as then the earth changes each time its outward form, submerging one set of continents and upheaving another set.
Many are the names of that School and land, the name of the latter being now regarded by the Orientalists as the mythic name of a fabulous country. It is from this mysterious land nevertheless, that the Hindu expects his Kalki-Avatâra, the Buddhist his Maitreya, the Pârsî his Saoshyant and the Jew his Messiah, and so would the Christian expect thence his Christ— if he only knew of it.
BLAVATSKY: COLLECTED WRITINGS       What Vol?        436
May you find that peace that comes from the Self. (W. Q. J).
Roberto L.
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