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Re: Theos-World Re: How to help humanity...and altruism...

Mar 29, 2006 04:28 PM
by Cass Silva

Our true spiritual journey begins with purification of all our thoughts, em=
otions/desires/passions and actions, and the purification of the physical f=
rame. All unpure thoughts, emotions or actions  must be burned  out  if we =
are too receive the secrets of our divinity.  We must be ubermensch, master=
s of our own soul, that is the lower triad.  Once we begin to live entirely=
 in the higher self we become perfect vessels for wisdom and helpers of hum=

The question of vegetarianism then becomes a moot point and a moral imperat=
ive.  Some may choose in this lifetime to commence to purify the physical f=
rame, while others choose to purify their thoughts and others choose to com=
mence to purify their desires or passions.   Others may work on one or two =
at the same time.  The process is long and purifying the physical frame is =
in fact the easiest of all.  Purifying every thought requires awareness of =
every thought that passes through the brain.  The road is long and my curre=
nt maxim is "make me a good boy, but not yet"

When the question of vegetarianism arises the backlash usually addresses HP=
B's smoking, etc.    My pov is that HPB was the vessel of the masters.  The=
 masters vibrations is so pure that they cannot physically stay in our comp=
any for too long.  HPB as their vessel was required to remain in our physic=
al environment, in order to do this, she in fact needed to be grounded in a=
 certain amount of gross matter, and this I believe was the reason for her =

This is my personal point of view and I wish no harm on others should my un=
derstanding be false.


nhcareyta <> wrote: --- In
, "Hauw"  wrote:
> Hi Sufi and all,
> In addition to what you wrote, I would like to share with everyone=20
> what I read in "The Extraordinary Life & Influence of Helena=20
> Blavatsky" by Silvia Cranston. In it, HPB is said to have written a=20
> letter in 1888 that includes the following:
> "....We are the friends of all those who fight against drunkenness,=20
> against cruelty to animals, against injustice to women ....."
> So I'm somewhat puzzled by some earlier posts in this list that=20
> vegetarianism and animal-rights. Anyone care to comment?
> Cheers
> Hauw
> New student of Theosophy.

Dear Hauw
In my experience vegetarianism and animal rights can be quite a=20
contentious issue, even amongst students of theosophy.=20
In genuine Theosophy, all students are free to adopt their own=20
lifestyle as they choose, within the bounds of reasonable behaviour.=20
Perhaps a raw nerve is touched for some when certain vegetarians in=20
either past or present times, imply or have implied, subtly or=20
otherwise, that they are somehow more "spiritually advanced" than=20
others. This mindset being at total variance to Theosophy might=20
generate the mocking from others you mention. However, for your=20
information as a "new student", there are literally thousands of=20
theosophical students throughout the world who have adopted a=20
vegetarian diet with some going to the extent of becoming vegan. We=20
can only hope that none of us fall into the superiority fallacy=20
mentioned. For me who prefers a vegan diet, that which comes out of a=20
person's mouth is perhaps far more important than that which goes=20
into it.
With best regards

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