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Re: How to help humanity...and altruism...

Mar 29, 2006 03:48 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Hauw
In my experience vegetarianism and animal rights can be quite a 
contentious issue, even amongst students of theosophy. 
In genuine Theosophy, all students are free to adopt their own 
lifestyle as they choose, within the bounds of reasonable behaviour. 
Perhaps a raw nerve is touched for some when certain vegetarians in 
either past or present times, imply or have implied, subtly or 
otherwise, that they are somehow more "spiritually advanced" than 
others. This mindset being at total variance to Theosophy might 
generate the mocking from others you mention. However, for your 
information as a "new student", there are literally thousands of 
theosophical students throughout the world who have adopted a 
vegetarian diet with some going to the extent of becoming vegan. We 
can only hope that none of us fall into the superiority fallacy 
mentioned. For me who prefers a vegan diet, that which comes out of a 
person's mouth is perhaps far more important than that which goes 
into it.
With best regards

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