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Re: Theos-World Re: Cass and Carlos- Intoxicated

Mar 29, 2006 01:27 PM
by Iain


You wrote:

"This is an excellent example of two minds enslaving each other in ego. Why not just substitute "drunk" with "intoxicated". Two unspoken truths are the cultivation of a sense of humour and common sense, let's get back to both eh guys."

Very true, and utmost common sense that you offer here, Cass. Especially about the ego part.

I tried the humor thing, but Carlos didn't like it apparently, thinking I was too happy for his tastes. As for enslavement, he and I are both good at that, although Carlos might be hesitant to admit it, I don't know. I love to get preachy when I'm preached at, hehe.


You wrote:


Others are mirrors for us."

Obviously. You are welcome to start mirroring. Think of a twoway mirror, as opposed to simply oneway. It's easy to preach, my friend, and assert as you have that the other should remain silent, but that works both ways.

"Theos-talk is not about personal discussions."

Where did you get that wild idea? There are no such restrictions in this forum. At least not that you're exercising. Although, I certainly wouldn't call our exchanges a 'personal' discussion. You simply had a personality conflict with me, and my wordiness rubbed you the wrong way. I'm a writer. It's in my nature, whether you like that or not. If you don't like what I have to say, then you're not obligated to respond. But you did several times, and I responded back. Don't try to pin that on me, my friend. You played your part. Naughty, naughty.

"Compare the number of sentences and level of "personality energy"in the two cases."

The problem is that you're comparing each person with the other here in the first place. An evidence of the aforementioned ego conflict. Something that I said had vexed you, and so you engaged in personal discussion with me, while wildly asserting that this forum is not for personal discussion. And somehow you believe that 'personality energy' is a bad thing, when factually it is not. It's better to have personality energy than none at all.

The fact that you had internally flipped the concept of 'personality energy' from a good thing into a bad thing in your mind is simply evidence of the personality conflict residing within you. And so you attempt to correct what you mistakenly believe to be wrong. You're attempting to correct a mispercieved imbalance, because you believe that things should be balanced. When life is not always that way.

And no, my friend, lots of sentences are not a bad thing either when one is a writer. Lots of sentences simply means one has a fluency with words (as do I), and does not imply either excess personality energy or word intoxication. It simply means that I put quality effort into any endeavor that I undertake, in this case writing. On my end, I simply interpret your attention span as perhaps being a bit short. Although you did read every word. It just sort of reminds me when I was breaking corporate productivity records at United Parcel Service as a supervisor. My bosses loved it, but occasionally a coworker would become offended in their sense of ego competition.

Now what does all of this have to do with Theosophy? I'll leave that to you to connect the dots, seeing as how you got preachy with me. (Okay, your turn. You're enslaved, lolol. And I'm the energizer bunny.)

"Peace to you."

At last, something constuctive. Peace to you as well.



--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:

This is an excellent example of two minds enslaving each other in
ego. Why not just substitute "drunk" with "intoxicated".
Two unspoken truths are the cultivation of a sense of humour and
common sense, let's get back to both eh guys.


Vincent <vblaz2004@...> wrote: Carlos-

You wrote:

"Who called anyone literally drunk here?"

You comparatively derived a metaphor of 'word' drunkenness from a source of literal drunkenness. 'Another way to get drunk' as per your thread title. You were deriving a metaphor from the literal, even as all metaphors are derived from the literal as comparative communication devices.

"I thought you could perceive "getting drunk" is a metaphor."

Most certainly. And in the context of your obvious offendedness,
derogatory metaphor at best. Metaphors are used as comparisons to the literal as a literary device. You were comparing. And your comparative metaphor was in relation to something that you detest.

"Pay attention, "Vince"."

Sounds pretty aggressive, lolol. Forced perspectives don't make
much headway with me. I think you're still offended. At what, I really don't know, because you said that you didn't feel that I
tricked you. But you're offended nonetheless. Do you require continued assistance working through your offendedness?


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