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Re: Theos-World Re: How to help humanity...and altruism...

Mar 29, 2006 05:27 AM
by M. Sufilight

My views are:

What is important here is the motives with your actions.
It is true to say: Never hurt, always help. If you can't help, seek to at least avoid hurting anyone.
But, we will have to remember, that Blavatsky was also agreeing upon,
that the Bhagavad Gita was an important book.
Before The Battle at Kurukshetra, the Avatar Krishna tells the disciple
Arjuna, that it is allright to fight the war, because it is unavoidable.
It is the motives with your actions, which are important.
Yet, again one should always seek to never hurt, and always help.

An example:
If I for instance drink a lot of beers or numerous bottles of wine together with
a friend of mine. I might be able to help my friend out of his/hers drunkenness.
If I seek to help my friend just by preeching/lecturing in the local theosophical lodge,
while my friend are seated at the local pub, I could be said to be a poor helper.
It is all in all a question about honesty, truth in compassion, and motive etc...
Compassion is something you are clearly aware of that you have. You are not in doubt
about it. If you are in doubt, you are most often not really compassionate. At least not
on that level or a real visible level. Yet, some people sometimes confuse spiritual awareness with emotional reactions, excitement and the like.

That were my views.
What are yours?

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Hi Sufi and all,

In addition to what you wrote, I would like to share with everyone
what I read in "The Extraordinary Life & Influence of Helena
Blavatsky" by Silvia Cranston. In it, HPB is said to have written a
letter in 1888 that includes the following:

"....We are the friends of all those who fight against drunkenness,
against cruelty to animals, against injustice to women ....."

So I'm somewhat puzzled by some earlier posts in this list that mock
vegetarianism and animal-rights. Anyone care to comment?

New student of Theosophy.

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Hallo all,

My views are:

Blavatsky might have something to say, which many so-called
completely forget.

Let us help humanity!

Blvatsky said:
"How then can it be thought possible for a man to enter the

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