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Arcane School, World Good Will & Adyar TS

Mar 28, 2006 12:12 PM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Friends,

A few lines to say that -- heretical as this may sound -- I believe that "World Goodwill", which is somehow connected to the Arcane School, makes an excellent work around the United Nations, and helps a lot by planting a brotherly planetary ideas and consciousness.

I do not think Alice Bailey is a deep thinker in esoteric philosophy, but World Goodwill does
popularize some basic notions which help humanity. As to the theosophical movement, it
should be able to open its eyes to the present human situation and be less closed in its own
little group-interests.

As a whole, the movement does what it can -- but it can improve.


From: "Zack Lansdowne" <>
To: <>
Subject: Theos-World Re: Bart- Organizational Oligarchy
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 11:50:16 -0800

Bart wrote:

"Due to its technically democratic structure and
relatively low membership, it makes the lodges and sections very
tempting targets for hostile takeovers by outside organizations (the
Arcane School has been particularly active in these hostile takeovers)."

Hi Bart,

I haven't said much on this list for awhile, but I am curious: Can you cite
any cases or evidence that "the Arcane School has been particularly active
in these hostile takeovers"?

For example, I have heard it said that the Arcane School tried to take over
the Theosophical Society in Boston (TSB) about 15 years ago. This alleged
attempted takeover has been used to justify the attempt by the Theosophical
Society in America (TSA) to dissolve the TSB and seize its assets. Because
of the resulting bitter lawsuit, the TSB separated from the TSA and became
an independent theosophical organization. Current information and pictures
about the TSB can be found at its website:

However, as a former President of the TSB, I can tell you that the Arcane
School has never made any effort to take over the TSB. To my knowledge,
during the past 15 years, no member of the Arcane School has been on the
Board of Directors of the TSB, and the TSB has never had any official
visitors from the Arcane School. While I was on the Board of Directors,
which was for about six years, the TSB always had an open membership policy:
no applicatiion was ever turned down. Yet I do not know of any member of
the Arcane School who tried to become, or is, a member of the TSB. If you
visit the TSB's website, you will see a wide range of activities but no
mention of the Arcane School. I admit that there are TSB members who are
interested in the writings of Alice Bailey, but one can read those writings
without being a member of the Arcane School.

So, Bart, other than Boston, can you cite any cases or evidence that "the
Arcane School has been particularly active in these hostile takeovers"?


Zack Lansdowne

P.S. As a personal note, I am no longer living in the Boston area but am
enjoying the sunny Carmel Valley in California!

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