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Nazism, Democracy and Theosophy

Mar 28, 2006 09:33 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Friends,

First, people get frustrated with democracy because of its inevitable failings.

Then appear the autocratic "saviours" like Hitler and Mussolini.

When we least expect, Hitler is presented as the good guy -- parliaments
should be closed, dermocracy is copmploetely uselless, etc.

1) The Vatican, heavily critized by the Masters and HPB, was instrumental in
Adolf Hitler getting to power in the early 1920s. This is well-documented.

2) The Vatican also supported B. Mussolini in Italy, F. Franco in Spain, A. Salazar
in Portugal. All bloody dictators.

3) In Brazil there was another dictator partly inspired in Hitler: Mr. Vargas. In Argentina,
Mr. Perón used many of his methods of mass manipulation.

4) As to Hitler's connections with Tibet, it is well-known that there are dangerous Tibetans sects, some of which call themselves Buddhists. For instance, several Dalai Lamas were killed in acts of high treason in the 19th century -- see the book "HPB, Tibet and Tulku", by G. Barborka. And the 14th Dalai Lama escaped an attempt when a child, too (see the film "Kundum", by M. Scorcese).

I sense the theosophical ideals of liberty of thought and universal brotherhood are intrinsically democratic and intrinsically anti-nazi and anti-fascism (as anti-religious dogmatism).

But humanity lives a moment now in which anxiety is very high.

So it is understandable that neo-nazism ressurges, as intolerance in many forms, including terrorism.

In spite of all its failures, the theosophical movement is still a "republic of conscience" and a source of inspiration for mutual tolerance and understanding during the present crisis.

Best regards, Carlos.

From: "Frank Reitemeyer" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Judaism, Heart Peace  and Bart
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 18:18:35 +0200

Likewise, anybody can publish a book spread lies
about Germans, f.e. that Hitler has ordered to
sent Jews into gas chambers.
Hitler was regarded by 95 percent of his people as
their redeemer, their paraclete, as leftist German
Prof. Gotz Aly in DER SPIEGEL, Germany's biggest
news magazine, a licence media of the Allies, had
recently to confess, when he wrote that Hitler's
Third Reich was a "wellness dictature" (issue No
10, 2005, p. 56).

The same news magazine (not a Nazi magazine)
revealed in 2003 that according to a public
opinion toll of 1948 - that is threee years after
the war was technical ending - 57 percent of the
German people were of the opinion that National
Socialism was a good idea (issue No. 20, 2003, p.
Now you can understand that the NSDAP party was
forbidden by the Allied, what is a break of the
Hague Convention of 1907. From this simple fact
alone you can see that the Jewish foreign rule
under which Germany is slowly dying since 1945
never allowed free elections - facts, which are in
reality quite the opposite of their sweet words.
Had they allowed free elections the NSDAP would
have won. The Federal Republic of Germany is still
under foreign rule of SHAEF and its universities,
high schools, presses, historians, political
parties etc. are not allowed to search for the
truth and investigate WWI and WWII. Since 1993
over 100,000 thinking people (sic!) has been
persecuted by the state organs, many have been
jailed to silence them and the number of
persecuted people is growing rapidly. Millions get
no rights, no lawyer, no judge, no politican helps
Many loose their jobs, their houses, their family,
their reputation, often enough their health and
their lives.

BTW, according to Chilean ambassador to Austria
Miguel Serrano Hitler was an Avatara and fulfilled
the divine will.
There are Chinese Buddhist documents of the
1930'ies which seem to confirm a divine mission of

The present 14th Dalai Lama in one of his USA
Harvard lectures played the topic when he revealed
that a certain prediction of the Lord Buddha
Himself was fulfilled when the two SS men Heinrich
Harrer and Peter Aufschneiter reached Tibet.

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From: "Bart Lidofsky" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 6:34 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Judaism, Heart Peace and

carlosaveline cardoso aveline wrote:
> If you consult your Webster's Unabridged
> Dictionary, you will have a nice,
> varied vision of the meanings currently
> associated with the word "rabbi" in
> English language.

Anybody can publish a dictionary, and call it
"Webster's Unabridged
Dictionary", including those who think that the
Jews killed Jesus. Well,
mainly ones who believe the Jews killed Jesus.


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