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Re: Theos-World Re: Intoxicated

Mar 27, 2006 06:25 PM
by Cass Silva


Vincent <> wrote: Carlos-

You wrote:

"Who called anyone literally drunk here?"

You comparatively derived a metaphor of 'word' drunkenness from a 
source of literal drunkenness.  'Another way to get drunk' as per 
your thread title.  You were deriving a metaphor from the literal, 
even as all metaphors are derived from the literal as comparative 
communication devices.

"I thought you could perceive "getting drunk" is a metaphor."

Most certainly.  And in the context of your obvious offendedness, a 
derogatory metaphor at best.  Metaphors are used as comparisons to 
the literal as a literary device.  You were comparing.  And your 
comparative metaphor was in relation to something that you detest.

"Pay attention, "Vince"."

Sounds pretty aggressive, lolol.  Forced perspectives don't make too 
much headway with me.  I think you're still offended.  At what, I 
really don't know, because you said that you didn't feel that I had 
tricked you.  But you're offended nonetheless.  Do you require 
continued assistance working through your offendedness?


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