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Re: MindBrain Conversations on Channeling

Mar 26, 2006 09:11 PM
by leonmaurer

With reference to my recent letters on this thread...   Here are some furth=
thoughts on the proposed nature of triune, coenergetic fields of=20
consciousness existing on different phase orders of absolute space, like bu=
bbles within=20
bubbles, within bubbles, etc. (See diagrams at:

If all such spherical fields, of an essentially electromagnetic nature, mus=
originate from a particular zero-point location at their centers, and if th=
surfaces are woven from infinite parallel lines of continuous force in a=20
Mobius-like spiral configuration (due to the x-x, z-z, and y-y axial spin o=
f those=20
origination points) -- as I propose in my ABC model...   It appears obvious=
that, not only can their surfaces carry all the holographic information (as=
wave interference patterns) that constitute the images in our mind and memo=
ry --=20
which can be willfully accessed and modified sensorially or imaginatively, =
well as in dream states...   But also, that the primal or absolute space in=
which such magnetic fields propagate must be infinitely divisible.   A far =
concept, I know, but one that can't be avoided in face of the inherent logi=
behind the ABC unified field theory of everything, including consciousness =
that is entirely consistent with both relativity and quantum theories as th=
are synthesized by string theory along with its hyperspace fields, and also=
the esoteric or secret doctrine of Eastern metaphysics.

Further, if such infinite divisibility is the case, then all zero-points ar=
essentially in the same place (if we can even imagine such abstract space a=
its abstract motion as having any sort of specified location :-).   However=
if I see it correctly, and if one day it might be proven -- while such an=20
infinite absolute space that appears to exist everywhere and be infinitely=
intelligent is also beyond the comprehension of our finite minds -- we may =
have to=20
modify our current views (whether atheistic, theistic or otherwise) and acc=
the notion that the cosmos is its own "God," and essentially creates itself=
Acting in accordance with its omniscient intelligence, omnipresent=20
consciousness, and omnipotent primal force (or "spinergy") by entirely natu=
ral means, and=20
governed entirely by its fundamental laws of cycles and periodicity ... Wit=
the first 7 conscious beings at the primal beginning after "inflation" and=
"fractal involution" (see chakrafield diagram) subcontracting as the actual=
equally intelligently informed cosmic architects, constructors or builders.=

Could the Occultists, Masons and Kabbalists be right, after all?   :-)=20

So, from a scientific point of view, if all that is true, why couldn't such=
propinquity or coadunation of the ubiquitous zero-point be the fundamental=
basis of "action at a distance" or quantum "entanglement" proven to exist b=
recent experiments of quantum physics?=20=20=20

Wouldn't such a field centered position of the zero-point also explain the=
non locality of consciousness, as well as the holistic perception that appe=
to originate from a single zero-point in the center of our head (capable of=
radiating a holographic reconstructive laser-like coherent ray of EM analog=
"astromagnetic" energy) that enables us to see and holographically experien=
the world around us, in our mind's eye, and through our other senses, as if=
were really out there (so called "naive realism") exactly as we perceive it=
I assume we all know that the images we actually experience consciously are=
entirely within our own minds.   (Although, according to this field theory =
ABC model, they don't necessarily have to be inside our heads. :-)

In addition, wouldn't such a means of perception justify the idea of an=20
internal homunculus representing our global consciousness?    And, couldn't=
fully account for qualia or experience of consciousness, self consciousness=
brain-mind binding, memory, and all other subjective experiential aspects o=
f our=20
existence? ... While, at the same time (since functioning outside of all me=
space and time) being beyond the scope of any reductively objective or=20
epiphenomenal explanation based on scientific or eliminative materialism?  =
 Why not?

Could the brain, then, be simply a complex transponder/controller between t=
senses and the consciousness -- whose processed and assembled,=20
holographically interference patterned EM field is the inductive resonant l=
ink between the=20
higher order hyperspace fields of consciousness and the zero-points of=20
awareness and will at their zero-point field centers and polar junctions? .=
.. All,=20
together, entangled with our individual point of global self consciousness =
most likely located at the solar plexus behind the navel.

I wonder if there is anyone currently working on consciousness study, from=
either a quantum mind, neurological, or other materialistic or=20
epiphenomenalistic point of view, who can come up with a better explanation=
 -- that is more=20
parsimonious and also unequivocally refutes this model?    If so, I would b=
e most=20
interested in hearing such an explanation, and, if logically valid and=20
scientifically and metaphysically consistent, gladly modify my own carefull=
y reverse=20
engineered view of fundamental macrocosmic and microcosmic reality.

However, as it now appears, I don't think any mathematical or symbolic view=
could ever give us a true picture of how the universe actually works -- so=
that, as Einstein said, using his verbal only descriptions of relativity, "=
A 12=20
year old child could understand it."

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

In a message dated 3/26/06 5:14:18 PM, writes:

> Dear Alfredo,
> Neither do I, entirely... However, I don't see how our individual self=20
> consciousness can be anything else than the inherent function of the zero=
-point at=20
> the center of each of our triune monadic fields -- that in cross section =
> like a figure eight inscribed in a circle, or spherically, as twin bubble=
> within a surrounding bubble, rather than "concentric spheres"... Since, t=
> is no way that a single spherical field woven out of parallel lines of fo=
> can exist, unless those lines originate or radiate from its central zero-=
> spinergy, and in so doing, weave two inner fields in a Mobius-like path=20
> where the outside is the inside and the inside is the outside, as shown=20
> symbolically in my fractally involved "chakrafield" diagrams.=A0
> This doesn't imply that such a zero-point center of consciousness (that i=
> everywhere in a universe whose circumference is nowhere) is God... But, s=
> the universal field must also originate from its own zero-point singulari=
> -- we could say that each such point of consciousness in our expanded uni=
> is a ray of that central point of universal origin -- analogous to the=20
> infinite lines of individual photon rays that radiate outward in all dire=
ctions of=20
> spherical space from a single carbon arc point source of light, or direct=
> from the Sun... (Although, individually, in their point-like structure, m=
> like the infinite lines of magnetic force that surround the Earth and ent=
> and exit at the poles.)=A0 Incidentally, from that, can we imagine the ac=
> field shape of an individual photon ray that can be polarized by passing =
> a slit?=A0 If so, it would seem obvious that the universe can be=20
> understandable solely through analogy and correspondence, as the occultis=
ts claim.
> Thus, in effect, that original universal consciousness splits into infini=
> points of individual consciousness whose degree of expression depends on =
> evolutionary complexity of the neural systems of its individual replicas,=
> to speak.=A0 I think that this is the esoteric truth that underlies the=20
> theological (but not theosophical) Holy Trinity of Catholicism, the tripl=
e crown of=20
> Kether, Binah and Chochma of the Hebrew Sephirothal tree, the Hindu trini=
> of Brahma Vishnu and Shiva, etc., etc., -- although they have no idea of =
> scientific-metaphysical basis behind their symbolism -- which became much=
> distorted due to the anthropomorphizing of their Godhead as a separate pe=
> creator with mystical supernatural powers standing outside of his created=
> universe.=A0
> All this, apparently, being the result of ignorant and suffering human=20
> nature needing the hope of a savior, and the crafty priests that exploite=
d their=20
> gullible followers by twisting the original metaphysical knowledge of=20
> universal origin for their own selfish benefit -- or altruistically, beca=
use the=20
> ignorant mob would never understand the real truth anyway, and they neede=
d a=20
> common belief in a vengeful personal God that would constrain them from a=
> harmful to the community and themselves.=A0 Apparently only the Buddhists=
, got=20
> the real story without having to believe in a personal God, and were paci=
> by a thorough understanding of the universal truths of karma and=20
> reincarnation -- so that each individual became his own judge, punisher o=
r rewarder for=20
> bad or good thoughts and actions... With the Buddhist Nirvana being the=20
> ultimate reward and escape from the inevitable suffering of incarnate lif=
> So, As I see it in my more or less pantheistic view, "God" IS the Univers=
> and its consciousness (without its inherent wisdom and knowledge encoded =
> its original spinergy to make it Omniscient) pervades every particle and =
> surrounding the myriad's of zero-points spread everywhere throughout the=
> Cosmos. In that sense, we all can say, as God supposedly said to Moses (w=
hen he=20
> became wise enough to hear and recognize the inner voice of his spiritual=
> nature), "I am That, I am."=A0
> Obviously, our human evolution, then, is to give us the opportunity to ga=
> enough experience and knowledge to bring us all back to the original stat=
e of=20
> the universal consciousness.=A0 Unfortunately, some of us can easily get =
> along the way, by forgetting and never relearning who we really are and h=
> we came to be.=A0 In the meantime its nice (at least for me, from a Cosmi=
> engineers POV ) to know the way the universe really works.=A0 (Besides, I=
> arguing with scientific materialists. :-)
> With that, I hope you can still substantially agree with me. </:-]>
> Best=A0 regards,
> Leon Maurer

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