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Re: Theos-World RE: How to help humanity, and altruism...

Mar 26, 2006 04:39 PM
by Cass Silva


carlosaveline cardoso aveline <> wrote:=20
Dear Sufilight,

1) The name of the Master, in the "Initiate" series by Cyril Scott, is=20
"Justin" Moreward Haig, not "Jerome", I guess. Take a look.

2) I fully agree with your comments and quotations.

Thanks, Carlos.

>From: "M. Sufilight"=20
>Subject: Theos-World How to help humanity...and altruism...
>Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 17:44:22 +0100
>Hallo all,
>My views are:
>Blavatsky might have something to say, which many so-called theosophists
>completely forget.
>Let us help humanity!
>Blvatsky said:
>"How then can it be thought possible for a man to enter the
>"straight gate" of occultism when his daily and hourly thoughts
>are bound up with worldly things, desires of possession and power,
>with lust, ambition and duties, which, however honourable, are
>still of the earth earthy? Even the love for wife and family--the
>purest as the most unselfish of human affections--is a barrier to
>real occultism. For whether we take as an example the holy love of
>a mother for her child, or that of a husband for his wife, even in
>these feelings, when analyzed to the very bottom, and thoroughly
>sifted, there is still selfishness in the first, and an =EF=BF=BDgoisme
>=EF=BF=BD deux in the second instance. What mother would not sacrifice
>without a moment's hesitation hundreds of thousands of lives for
>that of the child of her heart? and what lover or true husband
>would not break the happiness of every other man and woman around
>him to satisfy the desire of one whom he loves? This is but
>natural, we shall be told. Quite so; in the light of the code of
>human affections; less so, in that of divine universal love. For,
>while the heart is full of thoughts for a little group of selves,
>near and dear to us, how shall the rest of mankind fare in our
>souls? What percentage of love and care will there remain to
>bestow on the "great orphan"? And how shall the "still small
>voice" make itself heard in a soul entirely occupied with its
>own privileged tenants? What room is there left for the needs
>of Humanity en bloc to impress themselves upon, or even receive
>a speedy response? And yet he who would profit by the wisdom of
>the universal mind, has to reach it through the whole of
>Humanity without distinction of race, complexion, religion or
>social status. It is altruism, not ego-ism even in its most legal
>and noble conception, that can lead the unit to merge its little
>Self in the Universal Selves. It is to these needs and to this
>work that the true disciple of true Occultism has to devote
>himself, if he would obtain theo-sophy, divine Wisdom and
>The aspirant has to choose absolutely between the life of the
>world and the life of Occultism. It is useless and vain to
>endeavour to unite the two, for no one can serve two masters
>and satisfy both. No one can serve his body and the higher
>Soul, and do his family duty and his universal duty, without
>depriving either one or the other of its rights; for he will
>either lend his ear to the "still small voice" and fail to
>hear the cries of his little ones, or, he will listen but
>to the wants of the latter and remain deaf to the voice
>of Humanity"...
>(Article: OCCULTISM VERSUS THE OCCULT ARTS by H. P. Blavatsky, 1889)
>- - - - - - -
>I have though had some afterthought on this.
>The following might help to understand, that there various are levels
>of understanding and that a number of beginners not easily
>should be adviced to take step of a totally non-worldly kind.
>You all know that theosophy is Altruism at its core.
>The following describes another views upon the Blavatsky quote
>in the above:
>A minor excerpt:
>The text quoted is an excerpt of a lecture given by the so-called Initiate=
>JMH - Jerome Moreward Haig. The subject of the lecture was something like
>"Love and its relation to maya. And how to strenghten you capacity for lov=
>through meditation and other means".
>I do not hope, that the reader will underestimate the value, that the=20
>content of the text could have.
>Here it talking...
>As he neared the conclusion of his discourse he said: "Are there no other=
>methods for
>acquiring this attitude- other than the methods of meditation prescribed?=
>Personally I
>believe there are. Take the analogy of the blacksmith's arm; his right arm=
>is unusually
>strong and muscular, his left is weak and puny in comparison. Why is this?=
>Because he
>has developed the strength of his right arm by swinging the hammer; his=20
>left he has
>only used as all people use it who are not ambidextrous. And it's just the=
>same with
>love- exercise the will to love, and you develop the capacity to love, so=
>that your
>whole love - nature becomes strong and enduring; love in the ordinary way=
>as people
>do who are merely attracted, and your love - nature remains weak and=20
>sickly, and
>eventually dies altogether. For observe; love requires to be nourished fro=
>within and
>not from without. As long as you are dependent on externals you'll never b=
>safe. Only
>when you make up your mind not to depend on those externals will you be=20
>(All three books can be found online here by a wellmeaning Seekers
> )
>M. Sufilight with peace and love...
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