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Re: Theos-World Ecology of Mind

Mar 26, 2006 04:30 PM
by Cass Silva

I can understand how many could be overloaded especially considering that m=
ost people are still asleep while awake.  One can see this while driving.  =
Most drivers are off in a world of their own, while still being able to dri=
ve their motor vehicle responsibly.

Gurdgieff spoke of these "moments" as enlightening, however, they are extre=
mely difficult to maintain, as the thinker, superimposes itself and the bla=
h blah recommences.


carlosaveline cardoso aveline <> wrote:=20




Dear Friends,

=EF=BF=BDWorld  Goodwill Newsletter=EF=BF=BD (1)  discusses  the problem of=
overload=EF=BF=BD in our minds =EF=BF=BD due to the amound of information n=
ow arriving to us=20
through TV, print, internet, mobile phones, etc.

The Newsletter says it  is not easy to =EF=BF=BDkeep one=EF=BF=BDs head abo=
ve this tidal=20
wave=EF=BF=BD. And it quotes the group =EF=BF=BDAdbusters=EF=BF=BD:

=EF=BF=BDOur minds have become a virtual dumping ground of pollutants  =EF=
manipulative ads, distorted news, untold violence (...)  and there is a nee=
to reclaim our mental environment.=EF=BF=BD


=EF=BF=BDAdd to this picture even subtler channels of information reception=
, the=20
nascent telepathic sensitivities that mean you may unwittingly pick up on=20
patterns of emotion and thought from those around  you.=EF=BF=BD

True, this mass of information will be processed during sleep. But there ar=
those who don=EF=BF=BDt sleep enough, or can=EF=BF=BDt sleep well.

Important thoughts, indeed.  Yet I would question the idea that we are=20
exposed to too much information.
In fact, what surrounds us is mostly pseudo-information, and sometimes=20

Perhaps we cannot call =EF=BF=BDinformation=EF=BF=BD all those mental noise=
s that  surround=20
us.  Any clear view of  things will establish that =EF=BF=BDinformation" is=
 that bit=20
of knowledge which helps you to take better decisions in life and to achiev=
your goals.

Even as we talk about Theosophy, the exercise of attention and discernment=
should tell us whether the thoughts arriving to us =EF=BF=BD  or  the thoug=
formulated by us =EF=BF=BD  actually serve the purposes of expanding our=20
consciousness, facing significant facts, preserving the foundations of our=
inner peace, establishing sane mutual help relationships with people -- or=
produce more noice than meaning.

In order to be able to understand  information and dis-information=20
processes, it is important to recognize and accept the significance of=20

Mental silence shows us the meaning of life without the need of words.

It helps us see both the facts and the illusion in what we read or hear, bu=
also in what we ourselves  say or think.  Because sometimes unconscious=20
mental games can be played at us by some  instintive layers of our own mind=

Paying  attention to the mental tides is a form of self-knowledge.

As we gradually get rid of waves of illusion, we get to be able to learn=20
more and better about esoteric philosophy or Theosophy.

Such a learning liberates us -- but it needs inner peace and a degree of=20
mental silence. It needs a healthy ecology of mind.

That's why the practice of mental silence, MOUNA, is taught in eastern=20

Best regards,   Carlos.

(1) Number 01, 2006. Website:  World Goodwill is =
inspired  by Alice Bailey=EF=BF=BDs philosophy and gives a positive contrib=
ution to=20
human process now.  It cooperates with the United Nations system, strongly=
stimulating universal brotherhood.    The Newsletter is edited by the Lucis=
Trust, New York.

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