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International Alert: Free & Unlimited Clean Energy For Humanity

Mar 26, 2006 11:30 AM
by Compiler

Dear fellow Theosophists, and all other members of this forum,

(PRELIMINARY NOTE: Please know that because this is so important for all
of humanity, and for the very long term, I strategically sent this to
you hoping that many of you may want to play a small or large roll in
helping the world to know about this energy subject. I won't be
responding to anyone, as I'm very busy, day after day, and night after
night, with e-mailing this letter around the world, as I mention in the
below letter that everyone gets an exact copy of.--John.)

We as a world of nations should not continue to unwisely let the Tom
Bearden scientific project about free, unlimited, and clean electrical
energy for humanity stay mostly unknown and die on the vine simply
because it claims to correct some wrong things, or incompleteness, in
long-accepted and used scientific concepts -- especially because it will
finally allow us to change the way we energize all that we do as a world
in powering all of our land, sea, air, and space vehicles, as well as
our homes, businesses, industries, buildings, communities, and
technologies. Rather, we should wisely and open-mindedly look into it
and fund it, especially since only twelve million dollars is being
requested after many years of self-funding by him and his scientific
associates, which he mentions on his web site.

Based on what I am reading on his web site, this not-so-new, but kind of
purposely forgotten, scientific energy concept is being bypassed and
ignored now mostly by educators and scientists who are set in their ways
of thinking and refuse to check it out, study, and test it, and by the
political power and influence of both the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear
industries that supply the fuel needed, and by the companies who buy
these products from them to generate electricity which they sell to
residential, commercial, and government customers.

Also based on what I am reading, once they do get funded, the world of
thinkers and experts, especially those in the science and education
communities, need to accept and allow Mr. Bearden and his scientific
team to work a little outside of the long-accepted ways of thinking and
doing things concerning what it takes to generate electricity. They
should not be afraid of change, no matter how long they have been doing
and teaching things within the confines of the existing scientific ways
of thinking concerning energy, since new discoveries and insights are
how science progresses and improves, as history has steadily proven.

OK, please know that I have sent you this message just in case you do
not already know about his web site, where he lays out in detail a great
wealth of information about how to provide humanity with free, clean,
and unlimited electrical energy.

I myself only recently found out about it and began reading all about it
on his site. And because it seems so very important, for the sake of
humanity I hope that you (as well as many other people and
organizations) will look into it and do your best to let as many people
as you can in the world know about it so that all of the scientists,
experts, think tanks, colleges, universities, U.N. organizations,
governments, politicians, corporations, media people and organizations,
and foundations (that fund these sort of important scientific
breakthroughs) in the world can diligently look into it also in order to
find out if what Mr. Bearden and his fellow scientists are trying to
give to humanity is worth funding. The wonderful thing is that, based on
what I am reading on his site, there have already been many successful
scientific test models and devices created for quite a long time now.
And related to the science of how to get free energy from the universe,
when you go to his web site you will even quickly see that Mr. Bearden
says the following: A Nobel prize was awarded in 1957 for substantiating
the extraction process -- referring to the work of Lee and Yang.

I thank you in advance for considering how you may play a part in
helping Tom Bearden and his team of fellow scientists at with this very important and wonderful chance to
show all of humanity how to have, and relatively quickly, through their
Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, absolutely clean and unlimited
amounts of Free Energy available for all of the many ways it needs and
uses energy in all of its various forms of transportation, machines,
technologies, factories, buildings, and so on.  And all this without
ever again polluting our common planetary environment of air, earth, and
water, and without any nation being dependent on any other nation for
this energy -- once humanity knows all about it, confirms it is valid,
and chooses to go this new energy route.

With all that said, please know that I am just an average citizen, I am
not an expert, scholar, or scientist. Also please know that I am not
associated with Tom Bearden and his scientific associates in any way. I
am just someone who has become highly inspired by what they offer
humanity and have decided to do my best to try and help make this a
subject that gains a place in the very bright blaze of the worldwide
public spotlight. That is why I am steadily e-mailing this letter around
my own nation, and the world, to the different types of people and
organizations that I mentioned in the 2nd paragraph above.

For the sake of all of humanity I hope that you will also find it
worthwhile enough to get involved in some small or large way, and wish
you the best in spreading the word about this very important subject. I
mean that most sincerely.

John DeSantis
1113 Scotts Hill Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
(410) 484-1987


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