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Re: Corection! - Theos-World Long Life to Sufis and Jews!

Mar 26, 2006 09:49 AM
by M. Sufilight

My views are:

1) Ok. We agree. I think you misunderstood my words.

Here we have Blavatsky's article THEOSOPHY OR JESUITISM?, written june 1888.

"Therefore, the present opportunity is taken to state, once for all, the
views which Theosophists and Occultists entertain with regard to the Society
of Jesus. At the same time, all those who are pursuing in life's great
wilderness of vain evanescent pleasures and empty conventionalities an ideal
worth living for, are offered the choice between the two now once more
rising powers--the Alpha and the Omega at the two opposite ends of the realm
of giddy, idle existence--THEOSOPHY and JESUITISM.
For, in the field of religious and intellectual pursuits, these two are the
only luminaries--a good and an evil star, truly--glimmering once more from
behind the mists of the Past, and ascending on the horizon of mental
activities. They are the only two powers capable in the present day of
extricating one thirsty for intellectual life from the clammy slush of the
stagnant pool known as Modern Society, so crystallized in its cant, so
dreary and monotonous in its squirrel-like motion around the wheel of
fashion. Theosophy and Jesuitism are the two opposite poles, one far above,
the other far below even that stagnant marsh. Both offer power--one to the
spiritual, the other to the psychic and intellectual Ego in man. The former
is "the wisdom that is from above . . . pure, peaceable, gentle . . . full
of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy," while
the latter is "the wisdom that descendeth not from above, but is earthly,
sensual, DEVILISH."3 One is the power of Light, the other that of Darkness.
. . ."

This is true also today. There is a difference though. From the The Society
of Jesus has been created groups with other names than their own, so the
more easily can hide their activities to anyone thye want to hide them
from. - I know the late Pope Paul John II threw a few good words. But, now
his very near friend from the "Inquisition" is ruling as a Pope.
It seems quite obvious, that the "Jesuits" have branches outside the
Catholic groups, and that they are heavily involved with politics and
militant activity, even if they say differently.
(The word "Jesuit" is also defined as "devious" or "devious religious
Christisn" and perhaps even an occult Christian one. Some of the Jesuits has
been dabbling with the occult, we all know that today, because some of their
scriptures are today officially available.)

Did this help?

3) Democracy you say...aehmmm...
Well, what kind of democracy?
Some democracies are not really democracies as far as I know.
Take for instance the USA. It is a - media and propaganda democracy -
involving heavily emotional personalisations of politicians. Money rules
such a kind of democracy. It is not a healthy democracy as far as I am
concerned. Buthan is for instance doing much better.
They, USA, run politics just like a commercial - using lies. If they get caught
they won't admit it - or answer to justice. The "jesuits" are very powerful
in this country today. And they have some very cunning laywers - I tell you.
And they swear with the Bible a whole lot.

I would rather say, that one aught to divide countries into two kinds.
One kind is the materialistic kind. The other is ther spiritual kind.
The materialistic country are not on the path of wisdom towards liberation
or pure Atma-Vidya.
The spiritual country are. India is one such country. USA is not. Wisdom is
not promoted by the leaders in USA.
This, I think is a more important difference.
But to run a country as a democracy is often a better system to choose. I
think we can agree upon that.

- - -
To help the readers:
Not all groups calling themselves sufis are compassionate. But, Carlos
obviously talk about the compassionate kind.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 6:48 PM
Subject: Theos-World Long Life to Sufis and Jews!


1) I haven't said that Gas Chamber's lessons to humanity are more, or less,
I mentioned that the time of gas chambers has hopefully gone, and now our
challenges include Peace in Palestine/Israel (and in other places as well).

2) I just couldn't see what is your point with regard to the Jesuits. Can
you explain?

3) I am for democracy, for non-violent action, and have no admiration
whatsoever for Nazis, neo-Nazis or for Suicide-killers.

I admire Sufi teachings and Jewish mystics alike.

Best regards, Carlos.

From: "M. Sufilight" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Ecology of Mind
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 18:41:47 +0200


My views are:

Carlos, Are you also saying that the "jesuits" are involved in this on a
political level and other levels
in society?

Try for instance this one or Blavatsky's definition(s):

The Jesuits have frequently been described by Catholic and Protestant
enemies as engaged in various conspiracies. They have also been accused of
using casuistry to obtain justifications for the unjustifiable. In several
languages, "Jesuit" or "Jesuitical" therefore acquired a secondary meaning
of "devious."

- - - - - - -
As for "gaschambers". Is it really that important?
It was the Nazi's who started the whole bloddy war with their idea of
"Lebensraum" anyway.
They did not succeed in burning down Freud's and Jung's teachings. I will
call that a victory.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 6:07 PM
Subject: Theos-World Ecology of Mind

> oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
> oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
> Dear Friends,
> "World Goodwill Newsletter" (1) discusses the problem of
> overload" in our minds - due to the amound of information now arriving
> us
> through TV, print, internet, mobile phones, etc.
> The Newsletter says it is not easy to "keep one's head above this > tidal
> wave". And it quotes the group 'Adbusters':
> "Our minds have become a virtual dumping ground of pollutants -
> manipulative ads, distorted news, untold violence (...) and there is a
> need
> to reclaim our mental environment."
> More:
> "Add to this picture even subtler channels of information reception, > the
> nascent telepathic sensitivities that mean you may unwittingly pick up
> patterns of emotion and thought from those around you."
> True, this mass of information will be processed during sleep. But > there
> are
> those who don't sleep enough, or can't sleep well.
> Important thoughts, indeed. Yet I would question the idea that we are
> exposed to too much information.
> In fact, what surrounds us is mostly pseudo-information, and sometimes
> dis-information.
> Perhaps we cannot call "information" all those mental noises that
> surround
> us. Any clear view of things will establish that "information" is > that
> bit
> of knowledge which helps you to take better decisions in life and to
> achieve
> your goals.
> Even as we talk about Theosophy, the exercise of attention and
> should tell us whether the thoughts arriving to us - or the thoughts
> formulated by us - actually serve the purposes of expanding our
> consciousness, facing significant facts, preserving the foundations of
> inner peace, establishing sane mutual help relationships with people -- or
> produce more noice than meaning.
> In order to be able to understand information and dis-information
> processes, it is important to recognize and accept the significance of
> silence.
> Mental silence shows us the meaning of life without the need of words.
> It helps us see both the facts and the illusion in what we read or > hear,
> but
> also in what we ourselves say or think. Because sometimes unconscious
> mental games can be played at us by some instintive layers of our own
> mind.
> Paying attention to the mental tides is a form of self-knowledge.
> As we gradually get rid of waves of illusion, we get to be able to > learn
> more and better about esoteric philosophy or Theosophy.
> Such a learning liberates us -- but it needs inner peace and a degree > of
> mental silence. It needs a healthy ecology of mind.
> That's why the practice of mental silence, MOUNA, is taught in eastern
> philosophies.
> Best regards, Carlos.
> (1) Number 01, 2006. Website: World Goodwill is
> inspired by Alice Bailey's philosophy and gives a positive > contribution
> to
> human process now. It cooperates with the United Nations system,
> stimulating universal brotherhood. The Newsletter is edited by the
> Lucis
> Trust, New York.
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