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Bible is a book of the past, and NOT the present.

Mar 26, 2006 01:54 AM
by M. Sufilight

My views are:

The Bible in the present translations and editions are not a magnificent
book to read for the present upgrowning generations.
There are several problems with this book. Blavatsky has dealt with some of
them in her articles and books. 
I think one can safely conclude the following:

1. It is an old book.
2. The book only seem to have any real value to narrowminded people from the 
westernized countries. In other areas it is heavily downvalued. Just like for
instance the Quran is being downvalued by people in the western countries.
3. It was written using only about 1-2 of the 7 keys used when writing
esoteric scriptures (try for instance H. P. Blavatskys book "The Secret
Doctrine" on the "7 keys".)
4. The present translations not only into english, but other languages - are
gravely misleading in content, - i.e. seen from a spiritual point of view.
Misleading in the sense, that it thrives on the idea of an eternal Hell.
Something I for sure and Theosophy (the wisdom teaching of all ages past)
for sure won't buy or support - today. There are certainly NOTHING
magnificent about that !
5. The Bible is not helping the Planet creating a better future. The Bible
is a book of the past, and NOT the present. People need something new, a new
teaching, and not an old one, which has been so gravely misused.
6. The Bible as such is a SMALL book - and only 'a book' and not worth
dealing with, unless one has searched for Wisdom first. 
Simply because it might lead the Seeker astray.
7. To lead people in to an acceptance of a personal God is just no good. A
peacefull God is better than a aggressive western one.
8. The tendency which some readers at Theos-talk have, is, that they
seem to support western views more than eastern ones. And indirectly
therefore also the Bible as it is supported today by The Christians, a
hidden agenda for a Crusade against other religions, - and especially those
not following the western lifestyles and thoughts on media-ruled-democracy and
devotional political campaigns, and personalizations. And those not
following the doctrine of the religious Church as having its place behind
the politicians - bowing in deep respect for their foolishness.

The following articles by Blavatsky could be worth while reading in their entire length before one
starts (indirectly) supporting the High Mass of popes


M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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