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Paul Johnson affirms HPB's own statements about her interests and work

Mar 25, 2006 08:21 AM
by TimeStar

Paul Johnson DENIES that Blavatsky was a Russian spy and affirms her own
stated interests in India.  He writes that HPB became a spiritual teacher in
her own right, knowing that her Mahatmas were real.  HPB devoted "all her
energies to the enlightenment and liberation of humanity," according to Paul
Johnson.  In HPB's 1890 letter to Indians, "Why I Do Not Return To India,"
Blavatsky wrote about her desire to regenerate India and the TS's role in
that pursuit.  In a speech celebrating the TS's fourth anniversary in 1879,
Olcott spoke about the Theosophical Society's work to bring employment and
vocational education to the Indian people to give them greater opportunity
for self-sufficiency.  Olcott's speech praising the industrial equipment the
TS provided to Indian workers is on the TS Pasadena's web site in "The
Society's Fourth Anniversary" published in the "The Theosophist" in March

Since HPB clearly worked to educate, employ, enlighten and liberate humanity
through The Theosophical Society, the lack of involvement that theosophical
societies demonstrated during the Civil Rights Movement in America is even
more puzzling than it was when I first noticed this blatant failure to take
action supporting humanitarian efforts in America.  

There's a good chance that professional jealousies and narcissistic
interests motivate many criticisms on Theos-talk about Paul Johnson's
excellent work. 


"If, then, my Hindu brothers really and earnestly desire to bring about the
regeneration of India, if they wish to ever bring back the days when the
Masters, in the ages of India's ancient glory, came freely among them,
guiding and teaching the peoples; then let them cast aside all fear and
hesitation, and turn a new leaf in the history of the Theosophical Movement.
Let them bravely rally round the President-Founder, whether I am in India or
not, as around those few true Theosophists who have remained loyal
throughout, and bid defiance to all calumniators and ambitious
malcontents-both without and within the Theosophical Society."


"On 31 December 1885, HPB received her copy of Richard Hodgson's report
which accused her of being a Russian agent.  The end of 1885 was also the
beginning of her most creative and happy years.  Her public humiliation
turned out not to harm the TS in the least, and she was surrounded by
ever-growing adulation until her death in 1891.  Her knowledge that her
Masters were indeed real, regardless of Hodgson's findings to the contrary,
sustained her as she struggled to convey their wisdom to the world.  In "The
Secret Doctrine," "The Key to Theosophy," "The Voice of the Silence," and
her writings in "Lucifer," she emerged for the first time as a spiritual
teacher in her own right, devoting all her energies to the enlightenment and
liberation of humanity.  During her Indian period, HPB had gotten in over
her head in a network of fraud and intrigue.  The motive was political, at
least in part, and in this Hodgson was correct.  But the interests she
served were Indian, not Russian, which Hodgson completely failed to
recognize.  And there is no evidence that HPB ever supported armed rebellion
against British rule."

Best regards,
Krsanna Duran

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