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Bart- Strawman arguments

Mar 24, 2006 11:14 PM
by Vincent

You wrote:

"Except that those pseudo-students don't really exist;"

Conjecture on your part.  You cannot materially prove that something 
doesn't exist, at least if you're using scientific methods.  For 
something must first materially exist before scientific evidence can 
be provided for it.  You're simply theorizing at this point.

"they are fictions created by the anti-Darwinists."

Again, you're thinking in stictly black and white terms.  My stance 
is not Anti-Darwinian.  You have merely assumed such.  There are 
more than two types of people in the world.  Not just creationists 
and evolutionists.  I suggest that you should attempt to see past 
these two categories of people in the world.

For example, there are Christian creative evolutionists (which I am 
not), and there are mystical evolutionists (for lack of a better 
term) such as myself, who hold that all species of man and beast 
descended and separated from higher spirit beings, so that they 
might first cyclically devolve and subsequently evolve, each in 
their own uniqueness on this earth.

"But that's the point; you were bringing up straw man arguments 
commonly used to "disprove" Darwin."

The 'strawman arguments' which you refer to did not originate from 
me, not was I supporting them.  Nor do I believe that they disprove 
Darwin.  And 'commonly', as you have used the word, is 
not 'always'.  And you have now multiply brought up these 'strawman' 
arguments yourself, as you phrase them, in your mere reference of 
them, despite accusing me of doing the same.  Seems like a double 
standard to me.

You're missing the context in which the issue was raised, and are 
merely gravitating to isolated portions of text, while failing to 
see the whole.  You're debating against an imaginary opponent that 
you've creatively constructed in your own psyche, through the strain 
of your own black and white interpretation.


--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:
> Vincent wrote:
> > Strawman arguments against who or what?  I wasn't arguing 
> > Darwin.  I was arguing against those psuedo-students of Darwin 
> > merely misrepresent him.  I have never argued against Darwin 
> > anywhere in this thread or forum as you slanderously assert.
> 	Except that those pseudo-students don't really exist; they 
are fictions 
> created by the anti-Darwinists.
> > What I specifically said was that I don't believe that humans 
> > evolved from apes.  From that point onward, you ignorantly 
> > that I was arguing against Darwin (when I actually am more in 
> > agreement with Darwin himself, namely that apes and humans each 
> > evolved from a common ancestor).  Nonetheless, you instantly 
> > projected your anti-sentiment against anything that doesn't 
> > strictly Darwinian to you.
> 	But that's the point; you were bringing up straw man 
arguments commonly 
> used to "disprove" Darwin.
> 	Bart

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