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Mar 24, 2006 09:27 AM
by samblo

>>"The position THEY [MASTERS] give to Jesus, as far as we know, is that of a
great and pure man, a reformer who would fain have lived but who had to die
for that which he regarded as the greatest birth-right of man -- absolute
Liberty of conscience; of an adept who preached a universal Religion knowing
of, and having no other "temple of God" but man himself; that of a noble
Teacher of esoteric truths which he had no time given to him to explain;
that, of an initiate who recognized no difference -- save the moral one --
between men; who rejected caste, and despised wealth; and who preferred
death rather than to reveal the secrets of initiation.  <<

In particular the last sentence:

>>And who, finally,
lived over a century before the year of our vulgar, so called, Christian
era." <<      THEOSOPHIST  July 1883

Recently I posted a list of G. R. S. Mead's Books to Cass> One of them was 
his "Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?" Jerry responded with the comment that Mead was 
influenced by Leadbeater's "clairvoyance" and regretted it later using this view 
as a denigatory view of Mead and also devaluing all his works in one swoop. A 
view I in only my personal opinion do not agree with. It seems then that 
following his view of how mead's mind was forced to publish the mental 
fabrications of Leadbeater then be evidence of Blavatsky's sentence above she also was 
forced to propose the "clairvoyent" views of Leadbeater in 1883? I have all the 
Mead Books I posted and have read them all and I thoroughly enjoyed and value 
them. I did not to my memory when reading them remember Mead relying on, or 
extolling Leadbeater in any of his works, he cites sources profusely in the 
pages and bibliography and nowhere do I remember him publishing in clairvoyant 
histories a la Leadbeater.

My two cents worth, respectfully to all.


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