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Re: Monads and Spirit-Men

Mar 24, 2006 06:35 AM
by S F

Dear Dallas

I want to give you a better picture of the Monad Wheel before taking
time to look up the subject presented in books and then in another way.

A Monad Wheel is gigantic in size and its grandeur and greatness can
not be put in words. Yet this subject is most vital to all serious
students of Theo philosophy.

The words Monad Wheel or Spirit Wheel have the same meaning and the
word Spirit Dome has a related meaning. When we are in the Monad Wheel
and in our placement with our group then we are located in a plane
with millions of other human Monads all striving to the center of the
Wheel. To the Adepts groups.

When we are high above the wheel then we can see over and observe the
Monad groups in the Wheel and how the Monads arrange in departments
according to what Adept group they are approaching. There are many
Adept groups at the center. The Adept groups at the center arrange in
a circle not far from a Central Adept who acts as a Power regulator
for the whole Monad Wheel.

Let us look at this closer:

At the high top of the Spirit Dome there is a ultra bright Light. So
bright that one can not look into it. From that Light descends a Cord
of Light direct to the center of The Wheel, to the aura of the
Adept-Lord at the Center. The Cord of Light is a continuous Beam of
Light, a Ray. A Sound, a continuous Sound comes from the Light in the
Upper Dome and from the Light Cord. That is the Sound of Logos.

Regulated from the old Adepts of the Wheel is a steady upstream of
Fire. A Torrent of Fire graduated by all departments of the Spirit
Wheel streams up to the Light of Logos. The most intense Fire enters
the Plane of Pure Spirit. From the Torrent of Fire is a continuous
Sound. That is the Sound of Spirit Fire.

Spirit Fire streams from the Adept Groups and each department has its
special quality. Monads arrange themselves in the wheel according to
their ability to transmit Sound and Fire to those behind.

Sveinn Freyr

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