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Re: Hi there, I'm Vince and I am new to the group

Mar 24, 2006 05:51 AM
by Vincent

You've attended the Wheaton headquarters too?  I'm currently 
attending classes there, and attempting to evaluate the quality of 
the overall organization.  The teachings of the course directors 
there and the conduct of the leaders of this website will help to 
form my opinion of the effectiveness of HP Blavatsky with her 
students.  My own goals involve broadening trance capacity through 
the method of recycling the body's rhythms of waking and sleeping, 
fasting and eating.

For example, I am currently training my body as an athlete to 
operate on a 48 hour cycle, as opposed to a standard 24 cycle for a 
permanent lifetime basis.  This method serves as a catalyst to more 
deeply fulfill the evolutionary potential of our species.  I've also 
been able to successfully merge the waking and sleeping states to a 
reasonable degree to effectively induce direct perception into the 
supernatural realm, and have been routinely helped along by friendly 
spirit guides in this process.  Only with the physical 
materialization of the astral form will I be content that I have 
been successful.


--- In, MarieMAJ41@... wrote:
> Hi Vince, welcome to Theos-Talk!
> I'll pipe up to let you know that the TSA in America has a nice 
website  with 
> e-learning classes. Check out the link below.
> _ 
> ( 
> By the way, you are way ahead of me. When I first entered the 
hallowed  hall 
> in Wheaton I thought the Theosophical Society in America and 
Helena  Petrovna 
> Blavatsky were the only and exclusive agents of Theosophy on the 
> planet. But since then I have been lucky enough to find that the 
theosophical  seeds 
> that were sown by the Founding Mother and Father and Brother -- 
> Olcott, and Judge -- have borne fruit indeed. There are many 
> societies and the people representating those societies are found 
on this  list. 
> The magic of computers and the internet, eh?
> I hope you will take the good -- along with the not-so-good...and 
go forth  
> and multiply the theosophical seeds that have been sown in your 
> This list has very fertile ground to assist in your germination.
> Marie
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