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Theos-World Re: Ape-like behavior

Mar 23, 2006 07:34 AM
by Vincent

In quoting me, you wrote:

"Well, I went back, and found your exact quote:
"You can  tell an ape's evolutionary superiority above humans by 
their advanced  stregth and agility.""

Thanks for actually quoting me as opposed to offering one of your 
loose paraphrases.  Now I have a question for you in the fragile 
hopes of constructive discussion.

What precisely offended you in my statement that prompted your 
condescening remarks?

Did this statement somehow make you feel insecure in your humanity?  
Or did you feel that it was projected onto the scientist community?  
Did the statement somehow make you feel stupid, or that I was 
calling you an ape?  Did you just have a bad day at work, and find 
it easiest to expend your negative energies over the internet with 
strangers whom you've never met at the sligthest hint of offense?

Most people would not take this general statement about ape 
superiority so personally as you are now.  Some have even started 
threads with favorable comments about this statement, stating why 
they don't think that humanity is always so hot, although you may 
choose to ferret out absurdity in a statement wherever you can find 
or imagine it.

Afterwhich you wrote:

"So, are you here to discuss, or are you here as a troll?"

You're free to project it either way that you desire.  Is the glass 
half-empty or half-full?  And in my estimation, you're already 
decided on this in your attempts to indict.  Am I a transcendent god 
or the arch-villian of the universe?  You will make whatever 
decision that makes you the happiest, with either constructive 
discussion or villification winning out.  Decide what makes you 

I'm currently holding multiple fine discussions in various different 
threads with a half-dozen others at this moment, whose interests are 
more genuine than yours.  Apparently they have not been infected 
with your penchant to indict and your anti-troll vendetta, if they 
should happen to hear an absurd statement that does not correlate 
with their own individual belief system.  They are being 
constructive, while you are not.  I think that you were just 
infected with the venomous backbiting that was apparently present at 
this board before my arrival, and now you're attempting to take some 
of it out one me, because you're frustrated with past events or 

Please reference the opportunity that I offered you for discussion 
in post #31417.

Now do I honestly wish to have a discussion with you as an 
individual?  You're a bit of a drain to be honest with accusatory 
statements such as:

"Then you should be prepared to back it up. Otherwise, you are being 
a troll." (post #31465)

"You set up a series of straw men, and then proceeded to knock them 
down." (post #31463)

And condescending statements such as:

"I am not going to teach you evolutionary theory from the ground 
up." (post #31410)

"Maybe because the only people making that claim are those who are
disputing it? This, and...

...demonstrate that you know little about evolutionary theory." 
(post #31398)

And of course the retaliatory labeling that you use at the top of 
this thread.  It just seems like you have a bad attitude to me.  Not 
a good way for you to introduce yourself to the new members.

So another question for you: Are you here to discuss?  (sure doesn't 
seem like it) Or are you here to indict and condescend?

The specific reason that I'm here on this forum is because one of 
your highly dedicated Theosophists at the Wheaton Theosophical 
Headquarters (yikes, they have a mansion, publishing company and 
bookstore on forty acres of foliant land) encouraged me to join this 
message board by providing me a highlighted and notated website link.

That's why I'm here.  Now how about you?


--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:
> 	Well, I went back, and found your exact quote:
> 	"You can  tell an ape's evolutionary superiority above 
humans by their 
> advanced  stregth and agility."
> 	So, are you here to discuss, or are you here as a troll?
> 	Bart
> Vincent wrote:
> > --- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@> wrote:
> > 
> > Bart:
> > 
> > You wrote:
> > 
> > "The statements about ape superiority and men being descended 
> > apes."
> > 
> > I referenced that apes are superior to human beings in strength 
> > agility.  Do you disagree with this?
> > 
> > I further referenced that a portion of scientists have 
> > misrepresented Darwin's original teachings to me.  Perhaps this 
> > somehow offends you?
> > 
> > "Do you deny you made the statements?"
> > 
> > You're paraphrasing at this point.  Direct quotes please.  You 
> > good at the selective quoting, but you also seem to resort to 
> > paraphrase when actually trying to make a countercase.  Why is 
> > 
> > "So, if I flip a coin, and ask, "heads or tails?", does that 
> > that I erroneously think I have two coins?"
> > 
> > Could be you do.  Try some self-examination and you may figure 
> > one out for yourself.  You've stricken me as having quite a 
> > dualistic attitude thus far, in the context of your 
> > 
> > Vince
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
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