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Re: MindBrain Coversations on Channeling

Mar 22, 2006 11:22 PM
by leonmaurer

Dear Alfredo,

Neither do I, entirely... However, I don't see how our individual self 
consciousness can be anything else than the inherent function of the zero-point at 
the center of each of our triune monadic fields -- that in cross section is 
like a figure eight inscribed in a circle, or spherically, as twin bubbles within 
a surrounding bubble, rather than "concentric spheres"... Since, there is no 
way that a single spherical field woven out of parallel lines of force can 
exist, unless those lines originate or radiate from its central zero-point 
spinergy, and in so doing, weave two inner fields in a Mobius-like path where the 
outside is the inside and the inside is the outside, as shown symbolically in my 
fractally involved "chakrafield" diagrams.   

This doesn't imply that such a zero-point center of consciousness (that is 
everywhere in a universe whose circumference is nowhere) is God... But, since 
the universal field must also originate from its own zero-point singularity -- 
we could say that each such point of consciousness in our expanded universe is 
a ray of that central point of universal origin -- analogous to the infinite 
lines of individual photon rays that radiate outward in all directions of 
spherical space from a single carbon arc point source of light, or directly from 
the Sun... (Although, individually, in their point-like structure, more like the 
infinite lines of magnetic force that surround the Earth and enter and exit 
at the poles.)   Incidentally, from that, can we imagine the actual field shape 
of an individual photon ray that can be polarized by passing though a slit?   
If so, it would seem obvious that the universe can be understandable solely 
through analogy and correspondence, as the occultists claim.

Thus, in effect, that original universal consciousness splits into infinite 
points of individual consciousness whose degree of expression depends on the 
evolutionary complexity of the neural systems of its individual replicas, so to 
speak.   I think that this is the esoteric truth that underlies the 
theological (but not theosophical) Holy Trinity of Catholicism, the triple crown of 
Kether, Binah and Chochma of the Hebrew Sephirothal tree, the Hindu trinity of 
Brahma Vishnu and Shiva, etc., etc., -- although they have no idea of the 
scientific-metaphysical basis behind their symbolism -- which became much distorted 
due to the anthropomorphizing of their Godhead as a separate personal creator 
with mystical supernatural powers standing outside of his created universe.   

All this, apparently, being the result of ignorant and suffering human nature 
needing the hope of a savior, and the crafty priests that exploited their 
gullible followers by twisting the original metaphysical knowledge of universal 
origin for their own selfish benefit -- or altruistically, because the ignorant 
mob would never understand the real truth anyway, and they needed a common 
belief in a vengeful personal God that would constrain them from actions harmful 
to the community and themselves.   Apparently only the Buddhists, got the 
real story without having to believe in a personal God, and were pacified by a 
thorough understanding of the universal truths of karma and reincarnation -- so 
that each individual became his own judge, punisher or rewarder for bad or 
good thoughts and actions... With the Buddhist Nirvana being the ultimate reward 
and escape from the inevitable suffering of incarnate life.

So, As I see it in my more or less pantheistic view, "God" IS the Universe, 
and its consciousness (without its inherent wisdom and knowledge encoded in its 
original spinergy to make it Omniscient) pervades every particle and form 
surrounding the myriad's of zero-points spread everywhere throughout the Cosmos. 
In that sense, we all can say, as God supposedly said to Moses (when he became 
wise enough to hear and recognize the inner voice of his spiritual nature), 
"I am That, I am."   

Obviously, our human evolution, then, is to give us the opportunity to gain 
enough experience and knowledge to bring us all back to the original state of 
the universal consciousness.   Unfortunately, some of us can easily get lost 
along the way, by forgetting and never relearning who we really are and how we 
came to be.   In the meantime its nice (at least for me, from a Cosmic 
engineers POV ) to know the way the universe really works.   (Besides, I enjoy arguing 
with scientific materialists. :-)

With that, I hope you can still substantially agree with me. </:-]>

Best   regards,

Leon Maurer

In a message dated 3/22/06 7:51:16 AM, writes:

> Dear Leon,
>  I answered to your message in MindBrain but RKS did not post it. Now the 
> message is lost because I answered from the YahooGroups site.
>  I was saying that I agree with most of your ideas, except for the zero 
> point concentric spheres, which resemble the Holy Trinity. I do not think that 
> our individual consciousness is dependent on an absolute zero point (God?).
>  Best Regards,
>  Alfredo Pereira Jr.

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