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Review: "The Masters Revealed" | K. Paul Johnson

Mar 22, 2006 10:44 PM
by TimeStar

"There is darn little non-partisan writing about Theosophy and this book
fills a real need.  Johnson shows that the Theosophical movement is
intertwined with the intellectual and political history of its time.  He has
marshaled an impressive body of evidence to show that the Theosophical
masters are neither disembodied spirits nor are they fictions but are
specific historical personages whose identities were disguised for various

Theos-talk is living proof that darn little non-partisan writing about
Theosophy is to be had amid the bitter internecine battling among
theosophists.  I'll report back if any black magic that may fall off the
pages of Paul Johnson's book, as Carlos is convinced that it does.  After
the hissing and spitting that Carlos did over "The Masters Revealed," I
ordered it to see what it was really about.  

HPB said the "masters" were living men and spoke fondly of her master's
sister who had a baby and the students in attendance while she visited him.
Business plans proposed in the Mahatmas' letters indicated they had
excellent understanding of their societies and were limited, in some cases,
to their native languages.  These factors support HPB's claims that her
teachers were living man who knew the mundane world well.

Also, I'm only posting on the list to complete three promises I made:
Report back on "The Masters Revealed," make scans of a Soviet published book
on research in the Atlantic that points to fresh water vegetation and
animals that once existed on land masses that are now sunken, and report
back on the lawsuit TSA filed against the Tacoma Lodge.  (I don't want the
karma of unfulfilled promises, especially in the environment characteristic
of Theos-talk.)

Best regards,
Krsanna Duran

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