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Re: Ape-like behavior

Mar 22, 2006 07:29 PM
by Vincent


You wrote:

"The statements about ape superiority and men being descended from 

I referenced that apes are superior to human beings in strength and 
agility.  Do you disagree with this?

I further referenced that a portion of scientists have 
misrepresented Darwin's original teachings to me.  Perhaps this 
somehow offends you?

"Do you deny you made the statements?"

You're paraphrasing at this point.  Direct quotes please.  You seem 
good at the selective quoting, but you also seem to resort to 
paraphrase when actually trying to make a countercase.  Why is that?

"So, if I flip a coin, and ask, "heads or tails?", does that mean 
that I erroneously think I have two coins?"

Could be you do.  Try some self-examination and you may figure that 
one out for yourself.  You've stricken me as having quite a 
dualistic attitude thus far, in the context of your combativeness.


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