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Leon- Regarding Theosophy's view on the origin of apes and man

Mar 22, 2006 07:04 PM
by Vincent

I fully agree.

I have unfortunately found that many of the scientists are as 
rigidly fundamentalist as the fundamentalist creationists.  Not 
always of course, but they often hate each other.  And if you don't 
strictly adhere to their side, and war against their imagined 
enemies, you get branded an enemy yourself, even if you don't take 
the opposite view.


--- In, leonmaurer@... wrote:

> Even so, that doesn't negate the theory that modern apes are 
descendants of a 
> crossbreeding between animal-like humans, and human-like animals 
eons before 
> the two species deviated so far apart as to be no longer capable 
of cross 
> breeding -- as theosophy claims.
> This sounds about as reasonable to me -- in contradiction of the 
> mutation aspect of evolutionary theory (which as yet has no solid 
evidence to 
> support it) -- as does Sheldrake's morphogenetic field theory 
(which, incidentally, 
> closely aligns with my ABC field theory).
> Leon
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