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Re: Theos-World Rome Vatican and Our Own Vatican

Mar 22, 2006 01:46 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Carlos, basicly a good idea, but without hope of 
become real, at least with the present people 
leading Adyar (with some exceptions here and 
What is needed is people in leading positions of 
the character of a John Coats, one who respects 
Truth and Brotherhood more that his own sect.

=>*Sorry, we made a persecution against W. Judge 
in the 1890s and he was

The spiritual decline began with the lies against 
Judge. To justify this lies Adyar invented myriads 
of new lies. A whole card house.

=>*Sorry, we recently adopted the Coulomb and 
Soloviof lies in our books, we
will not go on with that".

My point is not so much that they print it, but 
that they present it in a misleading form make 
them appear as if they were authentic.

=>*Sorry, we declared Krishnamurti was the vehicle 
for the Lord Christ and he
would reform the world and extinguish all wars in 
the 20th century, we were

K for himself said in 1921 regarding the break of 
promises of US President Wilson via Germany and 
her unjust plundering, that they prepare for a new 
World War and he wonders how to stop it.
I write this from memory, have read it elsewhere 
in K literature and have the source not at hand.

It was also Wilson who promised that the USA would 
enter the war to end all wars. But they did not 
end to plunder other nations.
Later on Roosevelt promised, too, to lead the USA 
into WW II (the Pearl Harbor trick) to end all 
wars forever.
But in 1945 the wars did not stop. They did not 
stop to plunder other nations (Korea, Vietnam, 
Panama, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan), over 200 wars 
since 1945 and most were initiated by the CIA.

At the 100th German Section Anniversary in Berlin 
Dr. Peter Michel's chela Miss Manuela Oetinger 
confirmed unchallenged on the authority of the 
Masters - she named to me KH, M, Dwjual Khool, St. 
Germain, Krishnamurti, Blavatsky (sic) - which she 
channels and which she saw flying around in the 
hall, nodding benevolent, that the present wars of 
Bush must be supported by all Theosophists and 
that wer must do as much evil things as possible 
to combat the evil and that Bush now makes forever 
an end with all wars.
We are near the paradise! Hooray!
Peter Michel later on confirmed that the history 
of the Adyar TS is an unparalleled success story 
and based on this bif successes their future will 
be glorious!

OTOH, level-headed theosophists, esp. those who 
have studied the material of Adyar's political 
intrigues in both World Wars, could come to the 
conclusion that those who talk of wars to end the 
wars suffer from shizophrenia and TALK quite the 
opposite of what they DO!



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