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The Judge Case - What Can I Do?

Mar 22, 2006 12:17 PM
by robert_b_macd

I just want to draw people's attention to an open letter just
published in the Fohat Spring issue.  Carlos Aveline, who has been
engaged in a tireless and sometimes thankless campaign on this site to
rehabilitate the reputations of the founders, has put together a
thoughtful letter to all theosophists.  Regardless of where you sit on
the issue, he advocates a letter campaign to Adyar asking them to open
their archives on these matters.  As Dallas has mentioned, more than
once, people can make up their own minds when they are presented with
all of the facts.  You can read the letter at:

Also, at Theosophy Canada, we have put up a couple of pdf files taken
from "The Canadian Theosophist" surrounding HPB's resignation. 
Dinshaw J.Buxey's essay from "The Canadian Theosophist" is there along
with the original portions of the Resignation Letter printed in "The
Theosophist".  In addition there is an introduction that includes
portions of several letters that Buxey wrote to "The Canadian
Theosophist".  You can see this at:

I would like to thank nhcareyta for drawing our attention to this essay.

Finally, in the near future, Fohat will be putting up additional
information surrounding "The Judge Case".  Keep an eye open for that.

Sincerely Bruce

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