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RE: Theos-World Monads and Spirit-Men -

Mar 22, 2006 06:23 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

3/22/2006 5:56 AM


Dear Sveinn:


Thanks for your comments.


To help me locate what HPB teaches with precision could you let me know
where she actually says the passages I have marked ?  (see marks made inside
your message to me.)


Best wishes,







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Subject: Theos-World Monads and Spirit-Men -


Dear Dallas -


To begin with I thank you for your many good letters. 


But as it is, there are ideas in your text that puzzle me.


Let us look at our past this way:


There is a World above the World of Monads, we can call that plane the World
of Pure Spirit. 

            [Does this refer to passages in the SECRET DOCTRINE, I  213 to
222 ?]


-DTB   -----------------               See this





            "(Question:  And for how long? Does this state of spiritual
beatitude endure for years? for decades? for centuries? )  


             Answer:  "For years, decades, centuries and millenniums, of ten
times multiplied by something more.  It all depends upon the duration of
Karma...Every effect must be proportionate to the cause.  


And, as man's terms of incarnate existence bear but a small proportion to
his periods of inter-natal existence in the manvantaric cycle, so the good
thoughts, words, and deeds of any one of these "lives" on a globe are
causative of effects, the working out of which requires far more time than
the evolution of the causes occupied...


"Between the Kama-Loka and the Rupa-Loka there is a locality, the dwelling
of 'Mara' (Death)...(lokas are not heavens but localities or abodes)...Devas
into two classes--and called them the "Rupa-devas" and the "Arupa-devas"
(the "form"--or objective, and the "formless" or subjective Dhyan
Chohans;...the same for his class of "men,"...All these are:


     1.   "Rupa-devas" -- Dhyan Chohans, having forms;


     2.   "Arupa-Devas"     "      "  having no forms;   Ex-men.


     3.   "Pisachas" -- (two principled) ghosts.  (see p. 110 described)


     4.   "Mara-rupas" -- Doomed to death (3 principled).


     5.   Asuras--Elementals--having human form        


     6.   Beasts--   "     2nd class--animal Elemental    Future men.


     7.   Rakshasas (Demons) Souls or Astral Forms of sorcerers;

                                    men who have reached the apex of knowl-

                                    edge in the forbidden art.  Dead or

                                    alive they have, so to say cheated

                                    nature;  but it is only temporary--until

                                    our planet goes into obscuration, after

                                    which they have nolens volens to be



It is these seven groups that form the principal divisions of the 

            Dwellers of the subjective world around us."        M L p. 107





>From that world powerful Spirit-Men descend in large groups to The Monad


-DTB   [Does this refer to passages in the SECRET DOCTRINE,  I  570 -575 ?]




In the Monad Universe they are grouped according to relations in isolated
groups and put into

dormancy. In the condition of dormancy they are each and all given a
protecting body of Monad-matter.



-DTB   [Does this refer to SECRET DOCTRINE,  I   632 ? ]




We can see this action of Monad clothing in the descending groups of
Spirit-Men. There we see that there is a wondrous Power that is clothing
each Spirit-Man. And we can also see that the Spirit-Men differ in power,
and experience.


-DTB   [Does this refer to SECRET DOCTRINE  II  p. 596 table ?]




When this process of Monad clothing is done then the groups can be
transferred to the Monad-Wheel.    



-DTB   [Where is the Monad Wheel referred to ? ]




In the Monad-Wheel the Spirit-Man begins a new cycle of struggle and strive
but the main effort is left to the guiding Monad. We can symbolically say
that the Spirit-Man has entered a period of reincarnation from the Plane of
Pure Spirit to the Monad-Wheel.


-DTB   [Where is this process and the Monad Wheel referred to ? ]




There are energy zones in the Monad-Wheel that will give us much to think
about when the group mind knows more. The zone I have in mind is the trouble
zone often called "The Stream." In that zone the awakening Spirit-Man is
seeking to open up the upper part of the Monad.


-DTB   [Do you mean the difference between Kama-Manas and Buddhi-Manas ?]




When the Spirit-Man has freed himself from the Monad then the Monad form
disintegrates and an Adept has been reborn.


-DTB   [What happens to the Monads in their evolution if so abandoned ?  Is
this the spiritual selfishness of those who choose "Liberation ?"   See
footnotes in The VOICE OF THE SILENCE pp. 76 - 79 ]





DALLAS         3/22/2006 6:19 AM




  Sveinn Freyr































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