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Mar 22, 2006 04:27 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

3/22/2006 4:21 AM

	Re:	BUILDING THE "HOME"  (Our present life ) 


Lets look at B. P. Wadia's :   BUILDING THE HOME. (essays).  It is a series
of articles reprinted.  I extracted many useful ideas and principles from
those for my consideration and possible "future" use.

What you and I found there --  it is not "new." 

There is a certain curse attached to novelty.  I mean: we expect to have
current problems identified and settled with well and simply expressed
solutions, and current references.

[Can you imagine HPB's problems with ISIS UNVEILED and the SECRET DOCTRINE
-- trying to provide links to ancient theogonies, and histories -- and her
era in the world's history and time?  -- with almost 2,000 years of history
obliterated, thanks to the Church, Islamic and other fanaticisms ? ]

Let me advance the idea that those same "today's problems," are only repeats
of the old ones under new disguises and a new "title."  At least the
'causes' seem 'new,' but the presentation is 'old.'  (So are the principles

In  BUILDING THE HOME we find that the moral and ethical reason for certain
ways and traditions is explained -- those have not changed over the
centuries -- but they might be explained in different words. 

[Some of the examples offered relate to traditional ways of life in certain
areas and castes of 'old India.'   Superficially things have changed a lot
since they acquired their political freedom in India in 1947. 

Many of those old disciplines, family ways and neighbourhood customs were
designed to enable the "personality" to rid itself of its isolation and
selfishness, and better meld into the reality of an actual Brotherhood based
on the immortal Ego that ever reincarnates  --  and, therefore, each life is
to be treated like a "day at School." ]

In general:  morals and ethics are not well understood and appreciated these
days as logical extensions of the basic FACTS and LAWS of the Universe :


2	UNIVERSAL EVOLUTION of the MONAD PILGRIMS, -- in terms of increments
of intelligence -- whereby UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD is indeed a part. This
leads to partaking of the "omniscience"  (or sensitivity) of Nature -  that
which gives an instant knowledge throughout the Living Universe of discord
as well as of harmony. [Our own body sensitivity is an illustration of

3	The UNIVERSAL and ALL-INCLUSIVE spiritual ambience -- called
"omnipresence" --  whereby our closest approach to GOD is within ourselves,
and not "outside." [see TRANSACTIONS OF THE BLAVATSKY LODGE pp. 64-6]  This
does away with any "Personal God" idea.  There is no such thing,

The UNIVERSE is GOD,  and any "ruler," would have to be the "servant: of the
least of those that are ruled - in view of the universal potential of each
eventually acquiring all wisdom.   The power that wisdom gives its possessor
has to be free of any taint of selfishness, or dominance and compulsion. It
cannot be enforced but its manifestation can be fostered and enabled by
example and precepts.  

I think this is the most difficult part:  How to present, explain and
exemplify this paradox.  I would suggest one can find it in Buddha's
DHAMMAPADA (Footfalls of the Law); Krishna's the BHAGAVAD GITA (the Song of
the Lord); and, in The VOICE OF THE SILENCE. [In us, the process of
impersonal meditation on the principles of being, lead to a perception of
the coherent cooperation and interaction at all levels of this omnipresence
of the SPIRITUAL SELF.  We are a portion of IT.]

4	KARMA, the universal law of reciprocity and of cycles.  It unites us
to (1) the sub-atomic, non-corporeal entities we might in today's scientific
language designate as minute "force fields" of enormous strength, and, (2)
to the utmost range of conceptualization our minds can imagine of the
Universe of GALAXIES. [Our own physical body, which is ruled by our
intelligent INDIVIDUALITY is a good example of this.  

Hence the statement that "man" is the 'microcosm' of the 'MACROCOSM.' Also
the concept that there is only ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, and its many intelligent
agents.  Each monad, each human, each world, each galaxy -- is one of these
"agents." Each has its own sphere of supervisory assistance.  This
assistance is spread impartially to all its neighbours and "fellow
pilgrims."  Hence, the "Masters of Wisdom" call themselves the: "servants of
humanity." ]

5	REINCARNATION.  A universal fact that specifically includes our own
individual progress.  {Hence, the idea that each life-time is like a 'day'
in the "School of Universal Experience."} This demonstrates the incredible
sensitivity of NATURE (another word for our world, our physical body, or,
the Universe -- as an active and living support system -- for all its
components.  This does away with all special religious claims.

6	The "HOME" in these essays is our environment:  physical, astral,
psychic, and spiritual. It is a karmic consequence and for each of us it is
the chelas' "PATH."  Our trials as such will be:  "What are we doing with
the present life?" 

7	The BUILDING is our intelligent use of the wisdom THEOSOPHY provides
-- in our doing such duties as we perceive are naturally ours - beginning at
our present personal, and then, the family level  -- and projecting ever
further until we can involve the rest of our human race and its environment:
our Earth.

I find the marvel of THEOSOPHY is that it provides certain basic principles
as a kind of stable platform from which we may recreate, in an active way,
our own solutions.  

Now we may not always be right and in that case we can check them with

Like you, I am always anxious to keep up to date, and when I read new
articles I continually refer mentally back to those principles and of course
the earlier articles.  

Then I have to remind myself that the language may have changed and new
situations may have arisen.



We now come to an important point with regard to the double evolution of the
human race. , or the spiritual Dhyanis, had become "intellectual" through
their contact with matter, because they had already reached, during previous
cycles of incarnation, that degree of intellect which enabled them to become
independent and self-conscious entities, on this plane of matter. They were
reborn only by reason of Karmic effects. 

They entered those who were "ready," and became the Arhats, or sages,
alluded to above. This needs explanation. 

It does not mean that Monads entered forms in which other Monads already
were. They were "Essences," "Intelligences," and conscious spirits; entities
seeking to become still more conscious by uniting with more developed
matter. Their essence was too pure to be distinct from the universal
essence; but their "Egos," or Manas (since they are called Manasaputra, born
of "Mahat," or Brahma) had to pass through earthly human experiences to
become all-wise, and be able to start on the returning ascending cycle. 

The Monads are not discrete principles, limited or conditioned, but rays
from that one universal absolute Principle. The entrance into a dark room
through the same aperture of one ray of sunlight following another will not
constitute two rays, but one ray intensified. It is not in the course of
natural law that man should become a perfect septenary being, before the
seventh race in the seventh Round. Yet he has all these principles latent in
him from his birth. Nor is it part of the evolutionary law that the Fifth
principle (Manas), should receive its complete development before the Fifth

All such prematurely developed intellects (on the spiritual plane) in our
Race are abnormal; they are those whom we call the "Fifth-Rounders." Even in
the coming seventh Race, at the close of this Fourth Round, while our four
lower principles will be fully developed, that of Manas will be only
proportionately so. This limitation, however, refers solely to the spiritual
development. The intellectual, on the physical plane, was reached during the
Fourth Root-Race. Thus, those who were "half ready," who received "but a
spark," constitute the average humanity which has to acquire its
intellectuality during the present Manvantaric evolution, after which they
will be ready in the next for the full reception of the "Sons of Wisdom." 

While those which "were not ready" at all, the latest Monads, which had
hardly evolved from their last transitional and lower animal forms at the
close of the Third Round, remained the "narrow-brained" of the Stanza. This
explains the otherwise unaccountable degrees of intellectuality among the
various races of men - the savage Bushman and the European - even now. Those
tribes of savages, whose reasoning powers are very little above the level of
the animals, are not the unjustly disinherited, or the unfavoured, as some
may think - nothing of the kind. They are simply those latest arrivals among
the human Monads, which were not ready: which have to evolve during the
present Round, as on the three remaining globes (hence on four different
planes of being) so as to arrive at the level of the average class when they
reach the Fifth Round. One remark may prove useful, as food for thought to
the student in this connection. The MONADS of the lowest specimens of
humanity (the "narrow-brained" * savage South-Sea Islander, the African, the
Australian) had no Karma to work out when first born as men, as their more
favoured brethren in intelligence had. The former are spinning out Karma
only now; the latter are burdened with past, present, and future Karma. In
this respect the poor savage is more fortunate than the greatest genius of
civilised countries. 
Let us pause before giving any more such strange teachings. Let us try and
find out how far any ancient Scriptures, and even Science, permit the
possibility of, or even distinctly corroborate, such wild notions as are
found in our Anthropogenesis. 
Recapitulating that which has been said we find: - That the Secret Doctrine
claims for man, (1) a polygenetic origin. (2) A variety of modes of
procreation before humanity fell into the ordinary method of generation. (3)
That the evolution of animals - of the mammalians at any rate - follows that
of man instead of preceding it. And this is diametrically opposed to the now
generally accepted theories of evolution and the descent of man from an
animal ancestor. 
	S D  II  167-8



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