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shall we contact john lennon?

Mar 22, 2006 02:33 AM
by krishtar

Just for a change...
I read that a pay-per-view TV program in USA is now offering the following atraction: The contact with famous passed ones.
The first was Princess Diana - wihout any success - they only try to contact people with a certain spirituality - and John Lennon, considered a public figure who used to "get involved with spirituality" - is the chosen one...
It is a pity that Kardecism and Leadbetarian teachings got so much popular rather than the Mahatmaīs original teachings.
People understand what they desire...not what they need to...
Thatīs why John Edwards is so fashion.
Has anybody here ever dared to read that book that read talks with <<HPBīs spirit?>> I canīt remember the authorīs name... It must be a complete masterpiece of bullshit...


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