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Re: Theos-World Re: Hi there, I'm Vince and I am new to the group

Mar 21, 2006 08:13 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 3/20/06 11:21:10 PM, writes:

> Vincent wrote:
> > Well, I've had some minor debate with scientists before over
> > internet forums, and when the concept of genomes was brought up to
> > me, it seemed to show little more than a familial relation between
> > humans and apes, but no actual evidence that humans had actually
> > evolved from apes. 
>     Maybe because the only people making that claim are those who are
> disputing it? This, and...
> > You can tell an ape's evolutionary superiority above humans by their
> > advanced stregth and agility.  Apes are clearly superior to humans
> > in many ways, and so it only stands to reason that apes descended
> > from humans.  The similarity in the genones clearly evidences an
> > interfamilial relation.
>     ...demonstrate that you know little about evolutionary theory.
>     Bart
Even so, that doesn't negate the theory that modern apes are descendants of a 
crossbreeding between animal-like humans, and human-like animals eons before 
the two species deviated so far apart as to be no longer capable of cross 
breeding -- as theosophy claims.

This sounds about as reasonable to me -- in contradiction of the chance 
mutation aspect of evolutionary theory (which as yet has no solid evidence to 
support it) -- as does Sheldrake's morphogenetic field theory (which, incidentally, 
closely aligns with my ABC field theory).


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