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Re: Theos-World Re: Hi there, I'm Vince and I am new to the group

Mar 21, 2006 06:44 PM
by Cass Silva


Vincent <> wrote: Chuck-

Don't worry.  It all comes around again.  I'll get mine.

I usually am committed to an intelligent discussion, but sometimes I 
intentionally throw an absurd statement into the works for fun.  I 
really don't mean to work people up, but some people just get 
absolutely offended if I venture to say something stupid.  Then I 
see the person's disposition when they either laugh or rage.  A 
rather curious thing, don't ya think?  What might cause that?


--- In, Drpsionic@... wrote:
> In a message dated 3/20/2006 9:32:46 PM Central Standard Time,  
> vblaz2004@... writes:
> And you  fell for it?  I'm surprised that you would respond so 
> seriously to  that, lolol.  Satire.  Irony.  Sarcasm.  Lighten  up.
> Yes, I did!  Hook, line sinker and boat!
> You got me good.
> Chuck the heretic
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