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Re: Theos-World what has been going on

Mar 21, 2006 03:11 PM
by adelasie

Hi Eldon,

I participated for awhile recently during the first flurry, had some 
interesting exchanges with Paul Johnson and others. But then most of 
the dialog seemed to spiral down into the less than uplifting and I 
mostly deleted. This is the cycle of the list, as I perceive it, and 
personally I prefer the unmoderated laissez-faire mode to the rigidly 
controlled. That way I get to choose what to read instead of having 
the choice made for me. 

Thanks for making this venue available. I think in the main that it 
is very valuable. There are many people out there who have a chance 
to observe theosophy "where the tire hits the road" and make their 
own decisions and arrive at their own conclusions, which is in the 
spirit of the study, after all. 

All the best,

> Eldon B Tucker <> wrote:
>   Hi.
> I'm starting to review what's been going on at theos-talk the past few
> weeks, and wanted to ask how many people here have stopped posting or
> shifted their active participation to other lists. 
> If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, write me. I'd like to hear
> what he or she has to say about what has been going wrong and is in
> need of improvement.
> Eldon

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