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Re: Theos-World John- Concerning Universal DNA

Mar 21, 2006 11:57 AM
by samblo

    Thanks for your reply and comments. I might return in reply to the 

>>but rather to potentially merge 
different perspectives into one after a wholistic fashion.<<

  Well, that is a fine purpose line and goal but empirical observation of 
History doesn't reveal such a consistent state of view although much of mankind 
subscribes to the altruism. I am content to abide by the rule "absolutes are 
unobtainable in the matter, energy, space and time creation." Try as we may 
still the small cracks of difference always appear as a law of functional reality, 
it seems to me at least. 

<<I believe that questions that commonly go unanswered in one field of 
knowledge are often easily answered in another distant field of 

  I can agree with this view I have had the view that insular separation of 
Disciplines to the point of non-communication of knowledge stymies and disarms 
mankind's ability to accomplish "understanding" and arrivals at a closer ideal 
of solutions. Often knowledge in one realm of knowledge simply never arrives 
where it can do the most good. This is seen commonly in the Medical 
disciplines, it is only in the last decade that cross-communication of discovery has 
been facilitated largely in part to the arrival of digital technologies and 
Internet along with modeling and graphical molecular chemistry. This is one reason 
I like to post new discovery of science on this forum as it can if people take 
to time to look become a source of uplift of the minds and engage self 
correlation by the individual with Theosophical and experiential knowledge of each 

>>Here is my own rendition of a 'sevenfold economy'," although I'm not 
completely familiarized with Blavatsky's as yet.

Firstly, here are the three states of ENERGY BEINGS,<<

 The "Trikaya" are a long standing concept and there are and will be 
propositions on such Triad model that seems to be appreciated by the current context 
of Human mind. There is much that Blavatsky had to say as well as traditional 
Historic resources on the Trikaya. As I subscribe more to the Adwaita I don't 
necessarily posit a view of "spiritual body" as that connatate a "form" to the 
nonrupa reality.

>>a darkened and fallen ghost form which veils the 
spiritual body, when an entity's psyche is spiritually unenlightened<<

This is to me an inspirational poetic romantic context which on the one hand 
finds a contentment energy in the human mind as presented in many various 
works by different authors in effort to paint a reality for the lesser mind of 
each of us. But the Pure, Unmarked, Unstained BEINGNESS had not moved or changed 
in any degree, neither can it be surrounded as it is what ALL is found IN. It 
is a Maya of the Lila or sport or Game of Creation that forces description to 
find itself painting the illusion for the Senior. The idea is that the lower 
becomes "Enlightened" and it, the lower now has possession of Enlightenment. 
But "Enlightenment" itself is a Nondual State and Reality that is without 
beginning or end and has existence when there is no "creation." It is the Natural 
Primordial Nature that can be "accessed" when rapport of Turiya, Samadhi is 
available to a person and the metaphor of "darkened fallen ghost" aptly appeals to 
a long line of skilled wordsmiths who present much loved and treasured works 
that are the balm and inspiration to many generations. So I have read at 

Basically your Sevenfold model is not much different from Theosophical, at 
least not so much that you will pay with your head, lol. 

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra is ancient and some ascribe it to Govinda back when 
the Buddha was here. It describes the mind, consciousness, the Gunas, the Five 
Aggregates and Samskaras and elements of the economy of Being. It was, is still 
the entry textbook for the Ashrams of India and it the preeminent work bar 
any except perhaps a technology that appeared in the 20th Century that was based 
upon it in part that married technology with precepts. I encourage you to 
find a copy, let your energy take you to the version appropriate for you.

 I have seen not too long ago contents that presented the "Steam. Water, Ice" 
idea, I just can't remember at the, moment just where it was, but it is one 
form of classifying the rarefaction's of Matter, Energy, Space and Time in a 
templated way.

 << "All three are dependent upon the Non-local Quantum Matrix in 
order to be operative and present. It is the ability of transference 
of essential information and data between the physical reality we 
know and the Non-local Quantum Matrix that is a critical function 
the effects perpetual form transformation and change based 
upon "ideal" requisitioning from the infinite "Archetypes" of the 
Non-local Quantum Field as a gradual incremental gradient of 
supervised transformation of all species of life."

I posit that consciousness is necessary for this to occur<<

Vince, you will observe that I placed the word "supervised" in the above. 
Gariaev states that the results of the discovery he and his team of scientists 
have found and recorded directly and strongly indicate an Overconsciousness that 
is administering and matriculating the activity of the Non-local Quantum 
Matrix at the Point "a" and the Point "b" of our individual physical forms. This 
means Pan-determination is coincident and active( consciousness at both ends 
and all points of Being). The Overconsciousness that supervises the Non-local 
Quantum Matrix (Alayavijnana/8th Consciousness) would be the 9th consciousness 
"The Great Mirror wisdom." 

<<Such experiences are apt to impress upon 
us that the universe is larger and more intricate than we know<<

   This purpose was one reason Madame Blavatsky labored so long and hard 
possibly, to communicate just that to her readers and turn them into "Seekers of 


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