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Re: Theos-World what has been going on

Mar 21, 2006 11:31 AM
by Shel Steijl

Hi Eldon

Yes I'm one of them. Here's my 0.02......

I subscribed because I wanted to learn from other students of theosophy who've been around the block longer than I have, and so consolidate my knowledge / broaden my "wisdom" (I use this word judiciously). I had also hoped (naively) that I'd be able to "give something back", i.e., give others something to think about and adopt or reject as they see fit.

And yes, well, I have learned a lot - about what there is to read and where to get it; about what I should / should not sift out; about how little I know about quantum physics and ancient civilizations and evolution - to name a few topics.

But I've also learned about Lodge politics, about personal opinions, about analyses of historical events and people who have become "icons", and yes about modern day Egoism, and pet fears / hates / dogmatism. There are so many (aspirant as well as acclaimed) journalists and authors and study-group leaders out there that I've hesitated to clutter up the cyberspace with so much as a "hear-hear".

It's got to the stage that the *only* mail I keep and find worth reading is that posted by Dallas. I always print these and then take them to read to my Mum who is dying in hospital at the moment (thanks Dallas!).

In some instances, I won't even open certain postings because I know they will be filled with conflict and negativity, often with scathing remarks about the attempts of another student (living or dead) to pursue his truth - whatever that truth may be.

So, yes, I have also learned that a) I'm my best teacher, and b) that my values and ideals and efforts must be carefully protected, preserved and nurtured.

Surely it's how we live every moment of the day in thought, in word, in action that will determine our progress along our respective paths? The success of that effort should have little, if nothing, to do with anyone else except to enrichen their lives too.

If you have something to teach, teach it; if you have something to learn, ask it. For One-on-One discussions/challenges, I wish people would bypass the List and post directly, or simply pick up the phone or take a walk to visit them if they can. 50+postings a day is just too much to sift through and manage - despite the use of a mail-address filter - especially so as I use my email for business purposes as well, and often have to dial-up using expensive satellite time from remote areas.

Thanks for asking Eldon - I hope you find some way forward from this - there is definite value in keeping the site active; it's just that it seems to get cluttered by chatter, chirps & challenges! Noticeably more so in recent months.

With kind regards

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I'm starting to review what's been going on at theos-talk the past few
weeks, and wanted to ask how many people here have stopped posting or
shifted their active participation to other lists.

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, write me. I'd like to hear what
he or she has to say about what has been going wrong and is in need of


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