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Monads and Spirit-Men -

Mar 21, 2006 11:15 AM
by S F

Dear Dallas -

To begin with I thank you for your many good letters. But as it is,
there are ideas in your text that puzzle me.

Let us look at our past this way:

There is a World above the World of Monads, we can call that Plane the
World of Pure Spirit. From that world powerful Spirit-Men descend in
large groups to The Monad Universe. In the Monad Universe they are
grouped according to relations in isolated groups and put into
dormancy. In the condition of dormancy they are each and all given a
protecting body of Monad-matter.

We can see this action of Monad clothing in the descending groups of
Spirit-Men. There we see that there is a wondrous Power that is
clothing each Spirit-Man. And we can also see that the Spirit-Men
differ in power, and experience.

When this process of Monad clothing is done then the groups can be
transferred to the Monad-Wheel.

In the Monad-Wheel the Spirit-Man begins a new cycle of struggle and
strive but the main effort is left to the guiding Monad. We can
symbolically say that the Spirit-Man has entered a period of
reincarnation from the Plane of Pure Spirit to the Monad-Wheel.

There are energy zones in the Monad-Wheel that will give us much to
think about when the group mind knows more. The zone I have in mind is
the trouble zone often called "The Stream." In that zone the awakening
Spirit-Man is seeking to open up the upper part of the Monad.

When the Spirit-Man has freed himself from the Monad then the Monad
form disintegrates and an Adept has been reborn.

  Sveinn Freyr

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