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Bart- Troll accusation

Mar 21, 2006 09:54 AM
by Vincent


Oh, but I am prepared to back it up.  Which specific statement of 
mine would you like me to back up?  Direct quotes, please.

Please back up your troll accusation while you're at it.  I think 
that you're just on a vendetta at this point.

I believe that it was you who originally declared one of my 
statements to be absurd.  What is absurd to one may not be to 
another.  I've just been polite enough to accomodate your labeling 
at this point, since you can't seem to get past it.


--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:
> Vincent wrote:
> > I usually am committed to an intelligent discussion, but 
sometimes I 
> > intentionally throw an absurd statement into the works for fun.  
> 	Then you should be prepared to back it up. Otherwise, you 
are being a 
> troll.
> 	Bart

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