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Mar 21, 2006 09:08 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline




Dear Friends,

William Q. Judge, one of the three main founders of the theosophical movement, wrote about the role of the Americas in the future of mankind:

“It seems as if some power, deliberately planning, had selected North and South America for the place where a new primary root-race should begin. These two continents were evidently the seats of ancient races and not the habitation of wild undeveloped men. The red man of the Northern one has all the appearance and beliefs of a great race. He believes in one God, a Devachan of happy hunting after death. Some tribes have diagrams of how the world was formed and peopled, that strangely resemble the Hindu cosmogony. (...)”

And also:

“Central America is crowded with remains in stone and brick; and so on south we will discover similar proofs.”(1)

This ‘prophecy’ about discoveries was written in 1892, and H.P.B. had already foreseen that. The prevision was confirmed in 1911, when Machu Picchu, ‘the lost city of the Incas’, was found in Peru. Since then, many other discoveries were made, though less important.

Referring to the book “The Secret Doctrine”, William Judge said:

“Turn to page 444 and onward of the second volume. Read there that the Americans have become in only three hundred years a primary race pro tem., in short, the germs of the sixth sub-race, to blossom in a few more centuries into pioneers of that one which must succeed to the present European fifth sub-race in all its characteristics.” (2)

As to the importance of North America for the theosophical movement, Mr. Judge wrote, referring to H.P. Blavatsky:

“It was to the United States, observe, that the messenger of the Masters came, although Europe was just as acessible for the enterprise set on foot. Later, this messenger went to India and then to Europe, settling down in the British Isles. All of this is of importance in our reflections. For why in America at first does she begin the movement, and why end her part of it in England? (...) The point where the great energy is started, the centre of force, is the more important, and not the place at which it is ended.” (3)

From the viewpoint of the Esoteric Philosophy, those who stimulate hate in
general are clearly out of touch with reality.

Yet this is particularly true of those who specifically stimulate hatred against one nation, be it an Arab country, the Jewish nation, or the United States of America. If this last country now plays a leading role in human affairs, it is not without good reasons. In her Second Message to the American TS Convention, in 1889, H. P. Blavatsky wrote:

“But you in America. Your Karma as a nation has brought Theosophy home to you. The life of the Soul, the psychic side of nature, is open to many of you.”

Thus HPB clarified that North America attracted Theosophy by its own good karma. Immediately after that, she refers to the obviously central connection between Theosophy and practical Ethics:

“The life of altruism is not so much a high ideal as a matter of practice. Naturally, then, Theosophy finds a home in many hearts and minds, and strikes a resounding harmony as soon as it reaches the ears of those who are ready to listen. There, then, is a part of your work; to lift high the torch of the liberty of the Soul of Truth that all may see it and benefit by its light.”

And then:

“Therefore it is that the Ethics of Theosophy are even more necessary to mankind than the scientific aspects of the psychic facts of nature and man.”

In the last few decades, I have been able to observe how correct this last statement is.

You will find people with a precarious vision of the spiritual way at the intellectual level, who nevertheless have a clean life, an open mind, a pure heart and an eager intellect.

You will also meet people with an apparently sophisticated command of theosophical and even “Blavatskian” concepts at the mental level, but whose motives are selfish, confused, or both.

Therefore without Ethics, the “scientific aspects” are no Theosophy, at all. They do not lead to universal brotherhood. They are scarcely useful to human progress, in themselves.

We are all Arjunas, as W. Judge wrote. We are warriors in the ethical and karmic battlefield of our daily lives.

The American continents seem to have a role to play in the moral and ethical struggle now taking place in everyone’s soul, worldwide -- and in the human karma as a whole.

For karma is both individual and collective, and there are no real separations between beings in our universe.

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline.


(1) “The Heart Doctrine”, by William Q. Judge, The Theosophy Co. (India), Bombay, 1977, 211 pp., see pp. 206-207.
(2) “The Heart Doctrine”, p. 206.
(3) “The Heart Doctrine”, p. 208.
(4) “The Collected Writings of H.P. Blavatsky”, TPH/Wheaton, volume XI, p. 162.

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