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Re: Love

Mar 21, 2006 07:04 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

3/21/2006 6:11 AM



                                     Re: Love


Dear E:


When you inquire after "love" are you treating it as a personal emotion, or
a universal FORCE ?  


[See for instance THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY, pp. 170-1;

                          SECRET DOCTRINE, II,  555; 234,

                          S D ,   I,  109-110;  497;  ]


What have you in mind ?  


If you were to express this in term of  "heart" (or personal emotion) would
you use the same words? 


If UNIVERSAL, are we not admittedly all brothers and sisters - as we have
(in terms of remote ancestry) the same source and origin.  


Our brotherly love ought to be automatic - and taking reincarnation into
view, and the immortality of each one of us at the center of our spiritual
being, the individual immortal Monad that we are -- our past lives and
doings, if available so we could see them more clearly (as memory of
experience in past lives), would probably show repeated intimate familial
relations with hundreds and thousands of "families," and "relatives"
scattered (now) all over the world.  


There many kinds of "depths" and also, for those who do not consider the
importance of such things, shallows. But the questions are good as they
provide a jumping-off place for thought and consideration.  Perhaps "love"
is one of the most difficult things to define - if we consider it personally
and focus on 'differences.'  


Now that brings me to ask what is the difference between "personality," and
"impersonality" (or 'individuality'). How does a definition of that kind
affect an answer to your question.


Where are we all going?  What is our real purpose in being "alive ?"


If PERSONAL we are confused by the veils of misunderstanding that the
friction of emotion and material circumstance interpose in memory (or a
review of mind consideration.)


How does our mental tool (I consider my MIND : is a "tool" directed by "ME"
THE INNER PERCEIVER ) With it I look at, and consider the EMOTIONS that
colored events in the past?  I also notice that my view can be subject to
change slightly every time I return to review a "memory."


Does it focus on similarities or differences?  What can we be absolutely
sure of? What is worth keeping as a view?  Are we being 'fair' to the others
involved ?  If we are not fair, then what effect will our bias or
impartiality have on our and their character and our future relations?


Is it tolerant?  Is it able to access virtues and fallibilities without
being disturbed by those transient impacts and fragmentary views?  


In other words we have to consider also the nature of mind and perceptive
ability of the individuals who are making this study and inquiring.  Do we
have established norms for ourselves and for others ? 


Sounds pretty difficult to me.


[ "God" sounds always to me as though one is invoking the entire UNIVERSE -
what else is omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience ? 


"God's Love," ought to be provable, or at least a subject of inquiry, if one
desires to be serous about it.  


I have not noticed anyone being specially victimized because of questioning.
I have always balked at the phrase ".and lead us not into temptation."  Why
are we expected to "fear" God ?  Why are we expected to show others we are
"praying" -  Are we ?  


Why would any "loving God" be that threatening ? Or at least the
priests/padres, etc.,  say so ? 


Why do most religions discourage inquiry into their basic teachings and
current practises?   Are they now found to be different from those of the
PROPHET ?  Do people really, sincerely care ? 

How can one be a fanatic about something one really knows very little about


Why are those who belong to a religion not encouraged to inquire into the
religions of others ? 


How is it we presume to judge anyone else than ourselves?   (I have a lot
more questions.) ]



Any more help?


Best wishes,






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From: Elizabeth 
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006 2:06 PM
Subject:  Re: Love


Love is the ultimate reality. t is THE~ALL. The feeling of love is your
experience of God.

In the highest truth Love is all there is, all there was and all there ever
will be. When you move into the Absolute you move into love.


asters are those who choose ONLY love. In every instance in  every
circumstance, even as they are being killed. This truth is before you in
song and story, in poetry and dance, in words and in motion, in motion
pictures, in collections of words called books, scrpitures.

Love is the answer. Yet there are those who never listen.


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