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Re: Theos-World Re: Hi there, I'm Vince and I am new to the group

Mar 21, 2006 03:26 AM
by samblo

   Thanks for your reply and comments. I now remember you mentioned "trance 
conditioning" and "astral" consciousness experiences in your earlier posts. I 
for one would enjoy knowing those things you feel comfortable in giving here on 
the Forum. I am always interested in observations of others. There is a clash 
of paradigms here though I might let you know, however there are some here 
that grant Beingness to others in free exchange of communications. One thing 
Blavatsky taught of the "Seven-fold economy of the Being" this is here most 
Theosophist reference some of the things you have to some degree posited here. 
There are some here there evidence strict adherence to the Seven-fold economy 
descriptions of the Theosophical works and do not entertain other possibilities 
even when half the world attests to it notwithstanding, it is a Dogma to some.

   I am not at all sure in what way you define your use of "Archonic" 
species, the Gnostic use is "Ruler" or "Authority," whereas Phillip K. Dick applied 
his own definition in his modern works. Term is from the Greek and some 
Christian uses also both of the past and the present. I am not much of an "astral" 
voyager in your sense of it so there isn't much I can contribute there. The 
Buddhist have habit in their treatise to begin "Thus I have heard" but in ancient 
times it was also said "Thus I have seen" and it was accorded that by sight a 
more accurate record and understanding might be obtained compared to only 
"Hearing." So let us indulge to the degree you like here. 

   Have you read or studied The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali? The Tacoma Lodge is 
a Theosophical Lodge in Washington State that is of long standing and is 
currently in a dispute with the National entity.

The Links I posted revolve around three items:
  1. The DNA Data communication with the Non-local Quantum Matrix.
  2. The Phantom DNA Phenomena
  3. The Memory of Water (retention of complete template data after removal 
of all physical molecule)

All three are dependent upon the Non-local Quantum Matrix in order to be 
operative and present. It is the ability of transference of essential information 
and data between the physical reality we know and the Non-local Quantum Matrix 
that is a critical function the effects perpetual form transformation and 
change based upon "ideal" requisitioning from the infinite "Archetypes" of the 
Non-local Quantum Field as a gradual incremental gradient of supervised 
transformation of all species of life. I believe this is a complementary knowledge to 
the works of Madame Blavatsky and to be revenant to current discussion as to 
Darwin, Evolution, and Life Forms. this is simply my own individual opinion, 
each other center of opinion generation will likely posit a uniquely individual 
   I have seen ghosts or "shells" as called in Theosophical usage. I have 
also seen other perceptions on sundry occasion and I along with other at the same 
time have had unique experiences. 


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