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Theos-World Re: Hi there, I'm Vince and I am new to the group

Mar 21, 2006 02:13 AM
by Vincent


Thank you for the links.  It will take me awhile to go through 
them.  Are there any specific smaller portions that you'd like to 
quote and discuss?

I've had opportunity to directly encounter a myriad of archonic 
species upon the astral planes through natural trance conditioning.  
Upon directly traversing the astral planes, I have found that it is 
much easier to observe metaphysical phenomena, versus simply reading 
about it in books.  Although materialistic evolution may hold some 
fractional credence, I rather theorize that evolutionary 
metamorphosis generally occurs in a matter of seconds for species 
existing interdimensionally.

For example, in the material realm with which we are commonly 
familiar, we see clear differentiations between the human species 
and the rest of the animal kingdom.  But this is not entirely true 
upon the astral planes.  The species which I have directly 
encountered have sometimes been a mix of man and beast, though not 
always.  Through a telepathic merger of consciousness in otherwise 
individualized psyches, a species' form can become altered in a 
matter of seconds, merging with that of another.


--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Vince,
>    Might I take an opportunity to interject a view I have which I 
have posted 
> before here but as you are new I'd like to at least put it in 
front of you. I 
> have a view that the view of historical evolution to include 
Darwin and 
> Blavatsky might find some "expansion" through the perusal of the 
below "Hotlinks." 
> I believe the several researchers and their findings provide a 
basis for 
> explanation of the "Mechanism" of "Adaptation" 
and "Transformation" augmentations 
> of species on Earth. In light of Quantum Realities integral to all 
>  <A HREF="
wave+biocomputer&hl=en">The DNA-wave Biocomputer</A> 
>  <A HREF="";>Gariaev-The 
Spectroscopy of biophotons in non-local genetic radiation</A>
>  <A HREF="";>GariaevI2-The 
Wave,Probabilistic & Linguistic Representations of Cancer</A>  
>  <A HREF="";>DNA Phantom Effect 
(Gariaev/Poponin) 3/19/02</A> 
>  <A HREF="";>GermineI3-
Scientific Validation of Planatery Consciousness</A>
>  <A HREF="";>DigiBio Research Laboratory-
Jacques Benveniste Homepage</A> 
>  <A HREF="";>Benveniste: 
transmitting homeopathy by wire</A> 
>  <A 
Pringle's memory of water?(Crop Circle Test)</A> 
> Enjoy,
> John
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