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Re: Theos-World Re: Hi there, I'm Vince and I am new to the group

Mar 21, 2006 00:27 AM
by samblo

   Might I take an opportunity to interject a view I have which I have posted 
before here but as you are new I'd like to at least put it in front of you. I 
have a view that the view of historical evolution to include Darwin and 
Blavatsky might find some "expansion" through the perusal of the below "Hotlinks." 
I believe the several researchers and their findings provide a basis for 
explanation of the "Mechanism" of "Adaptation" and "Transformation" augmentations 
of species on Earth. In light of Quantum Realities integral to all form.

 <A HREF="";>The DNA-wave Biocomputer</A> 

 <A HREF="";>Gariaev-The Spectroscopy of biophotons in non-local genetic radiation</A>

 <A HREF="";>GariaevI2-The Wave,Probabilistic & Linguistic Representations of Cancer</A>  

 <A HREF="";>DNA Phantom Effect (Gariaev/Poponin) 3/19/02</A> 

 <A HREF="";>GermineI3-Scientific Validation of Planatery Consciousness</A>

 <A HREF="";>DigiBio Research Laboratory-Jacques Benveniste Homepage</A> 

 <A HREF="";>Benveniste: transmitting homeopathy by wire</A> 

 <A HREF="";>Lucy Pringle's memory of water?(Crop Circle Test)</A> 



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