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Re: leaving Theos-talk

Mar 20, 2006 07:53 PM
by Vincent


If you look atop the website, their is an option to 'Edit 
Membership'.  Simply click that link, and you can choose an 
additional option to cease receiving emails to your personal email 
box, while still remaining a member of the site.  Afterwhich, you 
can come back to the site and just read and respond to the emails 
that you want at your own pace.  Personally, I recieve no emails 
from this site.  Rather, I simply browse the site directly.  Just 
turn your email option off.  It makes life easy.  And you can still 


--- In, Steven Levey <sallev1@...> wrote:
> Friends,
>         I've enjoyed my time communicating with you all on Theos-
talk, but I'm afraid that all of this e-mail conversation is just 
too much for me to deal with. sometimes 50 a day is just too much. 
So. I wish you all well.
>   Steve
> ---------------------------------
>  Yahoo! Mail
>  Use Photomail to share photos without annoying attachments.
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