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Re: Theos-World Krsanna in a Healthy Planet

Mar 20, 2006 04:17 PM
by Cass Silva


carlosaveline cardoso aveline <> wrote: 


Misprepresenting the "adversary's ideas" in order to imagine his "defeat" or 
"our victory" is but a result from the habit of thinking that others are 

Being an ecologist since the early 1980s, with primary concerns over climate 
change, I am well aware that the climate change which has already started is 
not mild and will provoke even more crisis, the recent Asian Tsunami and the 
Hurricane Katrina being just preparations.

That I am able to see the difference between Bush and Hitler does not mean 
that I support G. W. Bush.  I can differ without hatred.

I support Greenpeace and there has been over 20 years since I accompany the 
multinational companies' efforts to disqualify debates on CO2 and other 
climate change issues.  CO2 is over 380 ppm right now, BBC reports, and 
point of no return, whatever it is, is expected to have been left behind.
All of this is common place, as are the fancies about the death of the 
planet.  Theosophy puts  this crisis in a much wider perspective.

On the other hand, there is a difference between George Bush Bush and the 
USA that apparently you cannot see.

There is also a difference between the crisis of a civilization and the 
death of a planet that apparently you do not want to see.

The planet is most healthy, thanks to the Universe, its periodical crisis 
are normal. Study the SD you you will see.

Best regards,  Carlos.

>From: "TimeStar" 
>Subject: Theos-World Sequel to Leadbeater's Mars: Carlos' "Our Healthy 
>Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 18:58:33 -0700
>Carlos - Interviews with NASA scientists who are speaking out on the
>unprecedented climate changes they call dangerous were just done on "60
>Minutes".   Like  you, the Bush Administration insists that everything is
>just fine with ice caps rapidly melting, in the presence of highest-ever
>recorded temperatures globally, that large ice sheets are showing signs of
>tipping in satellite photos.  In protest of the White House editing their
>scientific findings, several scientists are speaking directly to the press
>about the restrictions The Bush Administration has placed on them.  One of
>this is Goddard's James Hanson, climatologist, who says that global warming
>is at the point of no return.
>Not to worry, Carlos and his relevant dogs have things under control,
>especially the little white dog.  Carlos says, "The SD teaches us all how 
>works, so that our hearts and minds get to experience an inner peace which
>is beyond short term views and worries."  The Bush Administration doesn't
>want to worry people with the facts either.
>I was looking for good material to highlight the works of true believers,
>who contradict HPB in the name of theosophy.  Your letter, "On Our Healthy
>Planet," and Leadbeater's people on Mars are a great combo.
>Thank you for posting the following email in the public domain.  It is very
>Best regards,
>    Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 10:16:30 -0400
>    From: "carlosaveline cardoso aveline" 
>Subject: To Krsanna On Our Healthy Planet
>Changes would START in 1897-1900, and they DID.
>These are heatlhy geological changes, which are regularly necessary -- with
>absolutely no possibility of an "end of the planet", and no  danger of
>"planet's death" whatsoever.
>I wrote an article about present cycle changes in "The Aquarian
>Theosophist" recently.
>If you carefully read my previous posting, you will see I mentioned that in
>some 25,000 years, according to HPB, the next subrace will be flourishing 
>no geological mention in this.
>Our planet is healthy and it has a long, long  future.   It is under the
>wise guidance of Those Who Know and who are Embodiments of the Universal
>The SD teaches us all how it works, so that our hearts and minds get to
>experience an inner peace which is beyond short term views and worries.
>Best regards, Carlos.
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