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Re: Theos-World The Ritualistic or "Magnetic" Trap

Mar 20, 2006 12:02 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Carlos wrote:
Why the expression "magnetic trap"?  Because those 
who get interested in
Theosophy enter into the Adyar Society and their 
loyalty is gradually
transferred from the Abstrat Ideal and from the 
CAUSE  to the Corporation,
to the ritual, often to Masonty and Liberal 
Catholic Church.

This, I see as a trap.


Well said.
I have often observed that under the mask of 
Theosophy and Blavatsky the members of various 
theosophical groups (Adyar, Hartmann, Point Loma, 
Pasadena, Temple, independent) have their private 
insider religion, which is quite the opposite of 
what HPB taught: superstition, bigotry, dogmatism, 
hypocrisy, "spiritual" selfishness and pride about 
half-knowledge and cultivation of vices.

Ernest Pelletier outstanding comment on critics of 
his book "The Judge case" in the current FOHAT 
Summer 2006 edition, esp. his end para on p. 23 
"Karma has come full circle..."

=>Another level of  ritualistic trap is the 
"Egyptian Rite", about which
Gregory Tillett, Ramón Sordo and Geoffrey Farthing 

Another trap, and perhaps the most worst, is the 
political conspiracy of Besant & Leadbeater with 
Masonic Rabbis in Paris and elsewhere against 
German Idealism.
The Holohoax religion and its silly dogmas without 
any object proof, based only on lied "testimonies" 
and faked "documents" is a direct result of 
Besant's conspiracy.
Many millions of human beings paid their lives for 
that new and apperantly strongest and most 
intolerant religion.

That is the Monster Trap par exellance.
Theosophists seem to play ostrich.


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