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The Ritualistic or "Magnetic" Trap

Mar 20, 2006 11:24 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear friends,

I have to thank Krsanna for bringing here one of my personal messages to her, so that I can
clarify a couple of important issues and the concept of magnetic trap.

I wrote to Krsanna, in a personal communication:

"If you have the patience and compassion necessary to help more in the disruption of such a magnetic TRAP, I guess it will be a significant SERVICE to the cause of truth."

Disrupting a "magnetic trap" is not disrupting the list.

"Disrupting the magnetic trap" is, as I believe I made clear in the last few weeks, disrupting the illusion that CWL's Theosophy is as authentic as HPB's Theosophy.

And Krsanna helped that.

Why the expression "magnetic trap"? Because those who get interested in Theosophy enter into the Adyar Society and their loyalty is gradually transferred from the Abstrat Ideal and from the CAUSE to the Corporation, to the ritual, often to Masonty and Liberal Catholic Church.

This, I see as a trap.

Because you cannot see that step by step the commitment you had with the ideal of universal brotherhood gets trapped and prisoner inside a bureaucratic organization.

The expression "small revolution" means the process of intense debate we were living on theosophy and pseudo-theosophy.

As to the feeling of "magnetic trap" -- I first felt it with regard to Co-Masonry, where people go from one "degree" to another "degree", getting more and more involved in the magnetism of
Leadbeaterian magnetism.

This magnetic trap (which we can also call "morphic field trap" to use Rupert Sheldrake's expression) is probably responsible for the fact that many Adyar TS members, when confronted with facts, cannot actually react as truth-seekers.

Many of them will react in a defensive way and reject a calm examination of facts. I myself was rather slow in reacting to facts, because "loyalty to the Society" was mixed with my "loyalty to the CAUSE".

Another level of ritualistic trap is the "Egyptian Rite", about which Gregory Tillett, Ramón Sordo and Geoffrey Farthing wrote.

Showing illusions as they are, or disrupting them, was and is my goal. In the process, my own self-illusions get exposed and I learn more.

Loyalty to the institutions in themselves is the "magnetic trap". We should be able to be "loyal to the CAUSE".

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline.

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