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Re: Theos-World Re: [Mind and Brain] Re: channelling raises certain questions

Mar 20, 2006 10:32 AM
by Shel Steijl

Dear Len... whew! I understood about 10% of this - and like most of us on this list, would like to think of myself as someone with at least some semblance of an education. It's when I read posts like this I realise how much more of EVERYTHING there is to learn.

Some consolation tho' - I understood * more* this time than I did last time! Thanks!

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> The phenomena of channelling raises a number of interesting
> questions for this discussion group, basically along two different
> lines:
> 1) If channelling is real, and not just people pretending, then what
> is actually happening?
> 2) Do the discourses of channels offer any possible insights into
> the nature of consciousness?
> I don't think anyone who's had direct experience of someone
> channelling doubts that the phenomena is real, though many who
> haven't consider it to be a total fraud.

This is a great post! The suggestion I make to Glen is that there may
be a third alternative beyond materialism and idealism. The mechanisms
that generate consciousness in the living brain may also generate some
kind of non-material physical wave (i.e., based on energy/information)
that (sometimes?) continues to exist after death. In this case, it is
not consciousness that creates physical reality, but physical reality
that finds a way of existence of waveforms after biological death. Of
course, quantum theory is involved in this possible phenomenon.
I am open to this possibility, although there is no scientific proof
for or against it.

Alfredo Pereira Jr.

Your suggestion seems quite reasonable. In my ABC theory, I posit that the
universe consists of a descending series of fractally involved, coadunate but
not consubstantial, spherical fields, within fields, within fields, in triune
monadic iterations that stem from a spin motion, G-force or Spinergy of near
infinite angular momentum at the primal zero-point or original "singularity.."

If this model is valid, each triple series of fields would necessarily step
down in frequency-energy spectrum from near infinite to near zero in our
space-time continuum at the fourth iteration inward. This arrangement corresponds
closely with the multidimensional hyperspace fields of string theory, M
theory, or quantum field theory... Although, I don't know how far they have gone
into considering the ontology, epistemology, and, specifically, the
electrodynamics of their postulated 6 fold hyperspace fields -- that must be, somehow,
coenergetically linked intimately with our 3d space-time continuum and its
fields of radiant energies, -- including our brain waves. :-) In addition, this
model would not appear to violate any fundamental scientific laws of physics,
such as conservation, symmetry, enthalpy, entropy, thermodynamics, QED, QM, QCD,

Since each field is electrical in nature, information recorded as wave
interference patterns on their surfaces could be transferred from our lowest plane
of reality to the highest plane (longest lasting, since closer to zero-point
time or infinite duration) by inductive resonance processes.

Since each such field would have analogous particle effects, quantum theory
should be applicable (with certain modifications, perhaps) on each level or
field of consciousness... Under the assumption that consciousness, as both
awareness and will, are functions of the absolute zero-point itself that is
"entangled" with all zero-points throughout our configuration space. Thus,
accounting, not only for the non locality of consciousness, but also the possibility of
ESP phenomena such as clairvoyance, telepathy, channeling, NDE, ASC, etc.,
etc. This model could also add credibility to the holographic paradigm of Boeme
and Pribram -- while extending relativity theories into each higher level of
the fields of consciousness. It also appears to be consistent with most
ancient Eastern and Hermetic philosophical sciences, as well as the Cosmogenesis
disclosed in the ancient Book of Dzyan and the numerological system of the
Chinese I-Ching.

On a far out level of thought, I can imagine this model fully explaining the
binding of mind (as a hyperspace field) to brain (through its overall EM
field) as well as making Chalmers "hard problem" a moot question -- since it would
resolve to the zero-point that is entirely a separate aspect of the primal
beginning, as is its surrounding "G-force," or "Spinergy," that is the
fundamental source of matter. And, thus, pure consciousness would, necessarily, be
outside of all space and time and not subject to any objective analysis of its
subjective functions. Therefore the only way to know or to explain qualia is
to experience it individually and directly.

It appears, therefore, that the "third mechanism" you suggest could very well
be the inductive-resonance process that allows the transfer of holographic
information from one EM frequency spectrum level or mass-energy order to
another, as we step up through the ascending fields of mind, memory, and other
aspects or levels of higher consciousness... All of these levels being of one or
another degree of substantiality.

We might say then, that those who subscribe to this theoretical "third way"
conception could call themselves "monistic substantialists"... </;-)>

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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