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Re: Theos-World Carlos does not understand HPB's pole shift calculation

Mar 19, 2006 05:37 PM
by Cass Silva

Hi Krsanna
Recently you posted on the Aryan 2012 calendar.  I posted this to a friend of mine and with his permission have posted his response to you.
  Excuse me Kathy, I get a little perturbed and hot under the collar on 
 this issue because what ends up happening is that the Mayan crowd never
 stops applauding the fact they invented Zero [actually they invented it 
 independently centuries later after it was already invented].
 After their great boast then they end up attacking the Pythagoreans who 
 avoided the use of Zero for mystical reasons.
 Here's the 'shatick'.  The first RECORDED account of the use of 
 Zero in Mathematics comes to us from the Babylonians who used it as a 
 place notation when they performed mathematical computations on their 
 abacus...around 300 B.C. , long before the Mayans came into existence. 
 Indian philosophy  [through the Brahminical Order] undoubtedly
 knew of and taught the concept of Zero as  the 'Void',  representative 
 of nothingness... also long before the Mayans ever existed.  Afterall, 
 the Indus civilization goes back to 4000 B.C.  The Mayans only popped up
 in the 4th century A.D.
 Now Alexander the Great conquered the world around 325 B.C. 
 incorporating into his armies the intelligentia of the defeated nations 
 such as Babylon.  Undoubtedly, these Astronomers and Mathematicians
 would have shared their knowledge with the Indians since Alexander 
 wanted to develope the  New Ancient World Order.. where everyone just 
 blends in and gets along with everyone else.
 So now the Indians were exposed to 'Zero as a place notation' on the
 abacus, the computer of their day [300 yrs before J.C.].  It was
 already part of their Cosmology as the 'Void'.  
 The Indians go on to claim that Zero is not only the 'Void', nor a
 place notation [on the abacus] but also a number as well. 
 So now we have a complete Indian system of Mathematics all developed 
 and with a modern Base 10 system [not the cumbersome Base 20 Mayan
 system] appropriated and re-named as Arabic numerals by the Arabs.
 Well, maybe the Indians didn't do the actual discovery of Zero as 
 having a place notation, but they definitely put it all together, and 
 it's their system we use and not the Mayans.
 From the Arabs it comes into the West through  Leonardo Fibonacci and 
 is published in his book 'Liber Abaci' [1202 AD].
 As far as 'Stellated Stars' go, I prefer a 'Stellated Dodecahedron'
 in higher dimensional space.
 A Dodecahedron approximates a Circle, hence uses a real divine
 relationship...that of Pi,... and also has contained upon its faces
 the constant Phi [found in nature as the celestial spiral] . 
 That to me would be far more pleasing and infinitely more complex than 
 your friend's Mayan religious calendar ratio and his 'Stellated Star' 
 which has no mathematical relationship to the Universal Stellar 
 firmament, hence is no Star to me.
 Hey, I'm a tough cookie.
 Fra 'M'

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